1. Alchemy is better than Bending because you can do what ever you want with alchemy but are limited to just either airbending. earthbending. waterbending or firebending with avatar series which is bad

2. Fullmetal alchemist has far better character's such as a lovable little grumpy boy. his brother. a psychotic shapeshifter. a cheerful automail specialist. a dude with a x shaped scar on his face. a psychotic explosion addicited guy who can turn people into bomb's. a sexy girl who can turn her finger's into dagger's and stuff like that while avatar series just has these dumb character's you don't give a crap about like Bolin and Mai who are loser's

3. Fullmetal alchemist is darker. more violent. sadder. bloodier and tragic than The Avatar series

4. Fullmetal alchemist is a REAL anime while The Avatar series is a anime WANNABE

5. Fullmetal alchemist has Scott mcneil in it. Neither of the avatar show's have Scott mcneil in them so they are crap

6. in the end of Fullmetal alchemist they enter the real world while this doesn't happen in the avatar series because it's crap

7. Fullmetal alchemist has Artifical Humans called Homunculus and a powerful Artifact known as The Philophers Stone

8.  Edward's Short issues are awesome and hilarious

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