1. Zuko is a Lame Edward cullen clone while Dinobot is a Alien Robot who transforms into a Dromaeosaur which is awesome

2. Dinobot DIED like a HERO protecting Early Human's with HONOR and actually curbstomped all of the predacon's while Zuko just did nothing like a coward and a wimp

3. Dinobot gets a clone after he die's which has half of the soul of a Robot Version of Hannibal lecter and another which he ate while Zuko has zero clone's because he sucks

4. Dinobot is a bloodthirsty warrior while Zuko is just a broody mcwhiny pant's

5. Dinobot eat's Emo's foor breakfast while Zuko is a Ugly Emo girl's mop

6. Zuko is for 90% of the show Ozai's little daddy's boy while Dinobot quickly joined the good guy's and called Megatron a idiot in THE FIRST EPISODE OF BEAST WARS!!

7. Dinobot would have caught Aang and ate him for lunch in the first episode

8. Dinobot is voiced by Scott mcneil nuff said

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