1. in Book Four Azula needs to come back somehow with her own uber cool organisation and be the Main Antagonist's who are going to use the avatar to achieve immortality

2. in Book Three Toph had 2 more kid's and one of them is The Main Antagonist of the series who is a mad scientist and Metal bender who is motivated by envy and pride with the goal of wanting to create a robot empire and conquer the world inorder to prove to be the worldest greatest scientist ever

3. There needs to be a 2 part story about A Wendigo Spirit on the loose or Vampire's led by a bloodbender or both

4.  Book Four needs to be named Book Four: Redemption and have Korra sacrifice herself at the series finale to stop The Villain's from Achieving Immortality


6. a crossover with invader zim please

7. have Asami be killed off by a feral child

8. Have a sneak peak of The Next Avatar at the last episode called Epilogue who is voiced by Vic mignogna who is like Edward from FMA

9. we need a Anchiornis in the show somehow

10. we need to have some pink tank's that throw exploding gum

11. The Sequel should have The Dark Avatar as the Antagonist of the series and it needs to homage The 3rd Doctor's adventure's alot with the new avatar being like The 3rd Doctor and The Dark Avatar being like The Master and have The New Avatar have a far bigger and better crew this time with like a Teddy Bear Spirit. a bomb expert like Vinny from Atlantis the lost empire. Two Robot's. A Talking Dinosaur. A Half Croc Half Poodle. a female Mechanic. a sentient Mech. a Bloodbending anti-hero with cape and sunglasses and also The Dark Avatar must side with ancient reptilians who are side villians

12. needs to get more and more darker and edgier please oh please please please please

13. please make a video game for the Ps4. Wii-U and Xbox-One

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