Book Three: Change SHOULD and MUST involve it's whole main antagonist be The Real Child of Toph having it revealed that Toph and Sokka had a child who was a Non-Bender and a Mechanical Genius and when Toph adopted a little earthbender girl she payed more attention to her and this drove Toph's real child into envious rage and became evil and is building a robot empire in the underground of The Earth Nation inorder to dominate the world and prove to everyone that he/she is the greatest scientific mastermind ever and at the climax Korra using the Avatar state and Toph's Real Child using a skyscraper sized Mech do battle and end it with Korra losing all of her memorie's of herself and is kidnapped by mysterious people

Book Four: Endgame the mysterious people who kidnap Korra are revealed to be a cult led by Azula seeking out Immortality by manipulating The Avatar and finding a way to gain said eternal life and have THIS part of the show be the darkest and have lot's of character's die and Korra question everything about herself and her morals and her life and her purpose while being a puppet of Azula and all of that and at the climax Korra should sacrifice herself to save everyone and stop the villains scheme to gain eternal life seemingly putting a end the avatar's existence once again causing everyone to believe The Avatar is gone for good allowing for when the next show come's that no one will think of the main character as the avatar

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