• Dalek rex

    as you can clearly see by this is me agreeing with a Avatar Wan Page that Zutara should have happened

    Avatar Wan Page: Though Zutara (even though it DID NOT HAPPEN AND I KNOW THAT), is starting to overtake Kataang.

    So prob Zutara. No offense, but I've never liked Mai for Zuko.

    Zutara was supposed to happen. Dang you Bryke *cries*

    Me: i agree about Mai and Zuko i hate that couple and as for Zutara i agree with that it should have happened like it was originally going to i mean i hate Mai because her only real purpose is to tick off Zutara fan's and other people and allow Aang the show's hero to have the girl which i…

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  • Dalek rex

    1. Zuko is a Lame Edward cullen clone while Dinobot is a Alien Robot who transforms into a Dromaeosaur which is awesome

    2. Dinobot DIED like a HERO protecting Early Human's with HONOR and actually curbstomped all of the predacon's while Zuko just did nothing like a coward and a wimp

    3. Dinobot gets a clone after he die's which has half of the soul of a Robot Version of Hannibal lecter and another which he ate while Zuko has zero clone's because he sucks

    4. Dinobot is a bloodthirsty warrior while Zuko is just a broody mcwhiny pant's

    5. Dinobot eat's Emo's foor breakfast while Zuko is a Ugly Emo girl's mop

    6. Zuko is for 90% of the show Ozai's little daddy's boy while Dinobot quickly joined the good guy's and called Megatron a idiot in THE FIRST …

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  • Dalek rex

    1. Alchemy is better than Bending because you can do what ever you want with alchemy but are limited to just either airbending. earthbending. waterbending or firebending with avatar series which is bad

    2. Fullmetal alchemist has far better character's such as a lovable little grumpy boy. his brother. a psychotic shapeshifter. a cheerful automail specialist. a dude with a x shaped scar on his face. a psychotic explosion addicited guy who can turn people into bomb's. a sexy girl who can turn her finger's into dagger's and stuff like that while avatar series just has these dumb character's you don't give a crap about like Bolin and Mai who are loser's

    3. Fullmetal alchemist is darker. more violent. sadder. bloodier and tragic than The Avatar se…

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  • Dalek rex

    1: James Movie is not set in a lame fantasy world like Nick's Avatar and is instead in hard sci-fi realm akin to ours but in the future and with this cool new alien planet filled with cool alien's and stuff

    2. James Avatar has Mech's. Airship's. Alien's. Floating island's. Mind uploading. Organic Network allowing blue aliens to tame any animal and surf a organic internet

    3. James isn't a annoying pest trying to irritate us with false hope and getting disappointed fast because James is a Genius 

    4. James doesn't litter his Avatar movie with stupid character's who are completely pointless

    5. the canon couples of Nick's Avatar are boring and suck

    6. James Avatar has a Alien Gorgonopsid in it while Nick's dumb cartoon has zero gorgonopsid's

    7. James…

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  • Dalek rex

    Book Three: Change SHOULD and MUST involve it's whole main antagonist be The Real Child of Toph having it revealed that Toph and Sokka had a child who was a Non-Bender and a Mechanical Genius and when Toph adopted a little earthbender girl she payed more attention to her and this drove Toph's real child into envious rage and became evil and is building a robot empire in the underground of The Earth Nation inorder to dominate the world and prove to everyone that he/she is the greatest scientific mastermind ever and at the climax Korra using the Avatar state and Toph's Real Child using a skyscraper sized Mech do battle and end it with Korra losing all of her memorie's of herself and is kidnapped by mysterious people

    Book Four: Endgame the mys…

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