Fanon: He Who Wears Masks is a story revolving mostly around Zuko and Aang, though the perspective will change to other characters as the story advances. The story of how one misunderstanding can change the outcome of a war. Maybe. I don't know how the story ends, but I'm working on it.

I'd like to hit up most of the major events in the original A:TLA, but they will play out differently, due to a certain someone's presence. I have a good portion of the major story planned out, but there are still in-between sections that are up in the air. I'm actually stuck on one right now, that is making my brain fart. -shakes fist at Zuko's stubborn character-

Any OCs will actually be 'Maybe Canon?'... In other words, they are characters that have been mentioned in games or comics, but aren't considered 'Canon' to the world of the animated series.

A particular character has already piqued my interest. I'm excited about introducing him. Yet I haven't even gotten to the main story arc, hahah

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