The Good, The Bad and The Stupid! (You gotta' be kiddin' me!)

There's some good news, some bad news and new that lacks intelligence (don't ask me how that's possible). Some of the developments of "The Restoration of Hope" (TRoH) have been completed well before schedule in some places; the writing, the character development art and the environmental art. But with all said, "I'm afraid I have some bad news"!

Bad News

So, this is what has happened... We lost most of the Character Art, Scripts and Environmental Art after the main hard-drive got fried! All of deleted, gone from existence. Me and the rest of the crew have tried to get it back. But we have no idea what happened to the PC for it to corrupt the data files. Luckily, I have the first drafts of the scripts from episodes one through five. So that's good. But it seems that 7 weeks of work is lost, and that's REALLY annoying! But we have move and take it on the chin and complete work.

Good News

We have some more members to our little team that will producing this fanimation. Who will also work other projects (maybe, possibly). Let me introduce the member & newest members to the team;
  • Me: Executive producer and director, lead designer consultant and writer and creator of TRoH.
  • Douglas Green: Our producer and assistant director, and is the assistant animator and designer.
  • Heather: The lead animator and designer and will be taking charge of the illistration for TRoH.
  • Heather Williams: She's the one who is helping us with the recordings for the auditions and the sound effects. She's finding and developing some music for the series.
  • Micheal Lun: A voice actor and traditional painter, who has been helping me and Doug on designing back drops/backgrounds for the animated scenes. 
With these brilliant people, we'll take what we have make it AWESOME!

Stupid News

We didn't actually think to put the main design of characters, clothing and backgrounds on peice of paper! Why, WHY! We are stupid, yes, yes we are...
We apologise for this happening, which will delay the series for a few weeks.

Thanks for reading and hope you continue supporting us.

~ Sayonara

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