It's taken some time, but I can safely say now, the my idea of a "Fan-nimation" seems to be something that could be possible after all. Recently, I met-up with a longtime friend of mine, who has just finishing his 2nd year of Digital Arts. After I pitched my idea to him and told him of the possibilities of creating an animation, he casually say's; "why not, let's make one!" Once I peeled myself off the floor, I was like "AWESOME, LET'S DO THIS!" 

Production on The The Restoration of Hope

So where are we on the production point? Well, we have 3 scripts completed for 3 seperate episodes. I've began work on writing the 4th. My good friend (who wants to be know on here as CdougGreen, don't ask me why) has started forming some loose sketches with my helpful input on designing the look for the main characters of "Book One", which we finally named: "Fear". Also, me and 'CdougGreen' (you know what let's call him Doug, we all know that's your name anyway) have started to design buildings, landscapes, and the overall set of "Yurui City". Once these major points of design for the environment of the world and it's characters have been completed. We will begin auditioning for voice acting roles, and thumbnails for each of the scenes of episodes 1 to 4. 

If you're interesed in applying for a voice acting role, please send example of your voice acting work, or re-reads from any scene from the Avatar Series of any character and send the audio file Doug's email at:

We require both male and female voice(s) from different ages for the roles:

  • Special Agent Zilko - Male Voice needed for Episode 2, 3, 5 & 6
  • Masuka - Voice needed for Episode 2 and 3 (for now)
  • ITO - Male/Old Man Voice needed for episode 3 and 4

See The Restoration of Hope for more info on characters

Roles now taken:

  • Taka' 
  • Chen 
  • Jun
  • Ying
  • Hitokiri

Our plans for the future this little (massive) project is to start and complete work for episodes 1,2,3 and 4, then create a buzz for the release of the first. Once we have our feed back, either possitive or negative, we will make the alterations to the other episodes. Then release them on a week by week bases, as we are working on the others - the plan for 'Book One' is 11 episodes. But if it all goes south, then 4 it will be.

Thanks for reading


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