Just Starting (I'm New Around These Parts)

If your readying this Blog post under the great abundance of posts on this AVATAR Wikia page, a massive 'thank you' goes to you! Now that I got that awkward beginning part out of the way, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a 20 year old art student, who enjoys writting as well as drawing and painting. I find myself puting these two things together in the creation of comics, and as a terrible perfectionist, I haven't found the courge in myself to up-load or even let anyone read them, not even my mum. Not until now...well my mum still can't read them... Anyway, before I joined this Wikia page, I read quite alot of great Fanons, and even saw some people take their idea into digital comics, i.e. Kyoshi: The Undiscovered Avatar.

My hope is that in joining this community of Avatar fans, I can get some feed back on what am doing right and wrong with my story. As my ambition is to create an additional story ark to the Avatar universe. Which is more or likely to be a written Fanon before (finger crossed) evolving into a digital comic-strip, and maybe down the line at some point, an animated minseries. It's ambitious, I know. But with some hardwork and support, I think I can make it happen. 

Please comment and let know what you think - bad idea, good idea, ambitious, too ambitious?


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