Konnichiwa everyone,  

Since my last post of terror (with the deletion of all our data), me and the team have been, resting... Taking a little time to relax our brains and to refresh after a year of college, and getting ready for season 3 of Legend of Korra, ooh, he hee, soo excited to see [SPOILER...LOL]. Anyway, we are a little bit behind on schedule when it comes to the drawing side of things; Character Art and Backdrops. The reason for this is simply, exams! But, as quickly as the started, they finished just as quick, and we weren't really concentrating on the creative elements of The Restoration of Hope|TroH]] or starting the Design work on it...sorry... But now with college out of the way for us all involved, we can actually, and again, begin. And I can actually upload some design art after promising it for soo long!
Eventho most of my uploads have been just some updates on the page and some random comments, I did upload the Official: The Restoration of Fear Cover Art, which was drawn by our Head of Design. I hope you will agree that it's simply EPIC! I've also been writing vigorously, completing now, 19 episodes/scripts for Book: One, wow, that's quite a lot now I think of it..pretty impressed with myself. At this stage Episode is (in my mind) perfect, and episodes 2 & 3 are almost perfect to. We've also completed our last auditions in Hitokiri, Masuka, Zilko and Hanzo. They'll be voiced by; my old friend from Kyoto Yoshihiro Morishima, who will by voicing Hitokiri, internet voice actor and new friend Christoph Happl AKA User:Sep0815, who be voicing Masuka, and the guy who screwed up the computer with all our data on it Douglas Green, who will be voicing both Special Agent Zilko and Hanzo. So, not too shabby...?
So overall, I'm excited, I'm excited for the season 3 premier of LoK, I'm excited in getting some college done over the Hol's for my second year, and I'm ECSTATIC on making an awesome animation! 

Thank you for reading...


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