It's gonna be a short one:
I know most people's attention might be towards the awesome premiere episodes of LOK, I know mines are! But, I would like to take some time to explain what's been happening with The Restoration of Hope|TROH]].
I must admit it seems like it's just some random page that's been added to the Avatar Wiki. Well, that's kind'a true (in a way), as we've been working on another project that's our own creation, and have been putting a lot more of our time and creativity into this new project. However, we're definitely still writing, designing, drawing and making the Restoration of Hope comic, it's going to be more of a side project than we originally anticipated.
I will announce more on the other project later, but unfortunately I'm not aloud at this time and yeah...that's it really. I'm terribly sorry about wasting your time with the whole fanon thingy (I may make some short stories later though) but with my own idea of a digital comic, I've just really jumped on board and done load of writing for that instead, anyway's, again sorry and please stay updated with some additional blogs that'll be made here and there.

Thanks for reading and,


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