As some of you know, the SOPA/PIPA are organizations that are going to shut down websites such as Wikia.

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If this link doesn't work, (it should work.) then try again soon. The English Wikipedia is one of the first Wikias to be blacked out, along with Call of Duty Wiki and Sonic News Network Wiki. We cannot let Wikia lose this protest. If we lose, Wikia may be shut down forever. And I mean forever.

Please read about the link I posted above; come back later if the link doesn't work.


What you can do to help

There are many websites where you can post your signature to help the prostest. However, if you live in any country other than the USA (like me,) you can't vote. :( Hm, nevermind. It appears that foreigners can sign. :D

Anyways, here's the wesite:

Hope this blog can raise awareness to all users of Wikia and deviantArt!

Edit: Maybe I should of posted this on the Community Central. Oh well. :/


Iroha Plushie (talk) 00:19, January 19, 2012 (UTC)

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