Here is another quiz that I made up. There's no winner. This quiz is just for fun.

Here We Go!

1. If you lived in the Avatar World, What nation would you be from?

A. Water Tribes

B.Earth Kingdom

C. Fire Nation

D. Air Nomads

2. Would you be able to bend? If so, what would you bend?


B. Fire

C Air


E. You wouldn't bend.

3. Would you be friends with the Avatar?

A. Yes

B. Nope.

4. Would you be friends with a non-bender?

A. Yes

B. No

5. What would your name be?

6. What would your personality be?

7. Would you be the Avatar?

A. No

B. Yes

  • Bonus Questions*:

1. Do you think that being the avatar would be a dangerous mission?

2. If you were the Avatar, what animal guide would you have?

3. What would you name your animal guide?

Have fun!

The only rule is no mean comments.

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