Hello everyone. :)

This blog post will be how to crate a custom signature. Many of you guys are probably going to think that it is really hard to create one. It's not that hard. So I am going to show you an easier way! :D

Customized signatures require something called HTML. HTML is a type of coding that is used on websites, books, etc.

I am going to start of with showing you some pages on this wiki that will help.

Help:Signature - This page will give you some information about signature; I reccomend this link for newer users.

Help:Colors - This page will tell you a variety of colors to choose from that you can use in your signature; this link is reccomended for everyone.

Getting Started

So, now that you have probably looked at one or both of the links, I am going to show you some of the basic coding that is used for signatures.

Okay, so, you're probably going to ask how we can create those links. well, the steps below are going to show you.

Keep Your Code in Mind

To keep your code in mind, you will want to write it down somewhere to keep it safe and so you don't have to remember this HTML code.

User Page Linking

To link to your user page, you are going to want to look at an example of coding. You can look at the engish Wikipedia Example or the example I have right here.

This is where it will get a little complex. The linking in signatures are kinda the same as how we link on a wiki.

Step 1

First, you are going to just create a basic link. The coding will look like this:


Dont close up your link because we are going to add some other things.

Step 2

Now that we have this piece of coding, it's time to add some colors! go to Help:Colors to choose any of the colors that you would like. Write it down or just keep it in mind so you don't forget it.

Now we are going to put the color into the coding and add a nickname.

The coding will look like this:

[[User:Whoever|<span style="color:SkyBlue;>NickName</span>]]

It will generate:


Step 3

After you have created your color, you want to add the final extension which is </font>

Talk Page Links

Congratulations! We have created the User links for our signature!

Now we need to create The talk page links.

Step 1

Okay, just do the same for the User page links, only put User talk: at the begining.

Making Contributions

Okay, so, we have created the User page, Talk page, and now we are going to make contributions!

This is not going to be that hard.

Step 1

Its the same! only add Special:Contributions/Username at the begining.

Remember at the begining when I said to write down your code?

Well, if you did then, in the top right corner, you'll see your username. There will be an arrow, Hover over that and click 'my preferences' and click go into where it says signature. Check the box and copy your code you wrote into the box. Click save and then you're done!

-- ♡Iroha Append☆ 23:34, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

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