WARNING: This is a blog post about Katara. If you hate her then just don't read this.

                                               Katara / Shippings

I have Katara as my favorite character because 1. she's pretty. 2. skilled. 3. nice. and 4. Aang's girlfriend. (Go Kataang!) Well, I gotta admit I do like Zutara. But they can get into the shipping wars though. But what can I say? I am a Maiko fan also.

Top those 3 shippings. Who here likes Kataru? (Not me!) But Katara and Haru are great benders though.

But lookie here. This is not right. Just wrong. I mean who puts a 45 year old man with a 14 year old girl? Yep. You guesed it, this shipping is Katzai. Katara and Ozai are not made for each other! Let me say that Irohtara ain't gonna happen in my book because it's another one of those shippings that is wrong. [*hurls*]

So, by now I hope you guessed that Katara and Aang are made for each o- SSSSHHHHH!!!!!! you'll spoil the final Kataang kiss. LOL. That there is a true Kataang Supporter! =>

                                         Katara Haters

Well, I refer to Katara haters as Katara Jellys. A Katara Jelly is a someone who is jelous of Katara for many reasons. So many that we could sit here and discuss them for the next millenium. And let's not do that kapiesh? so for any of you Katara Cookies, That means you love Katara. Just have fun with Kataang!

                                       Katara & Sokka 

Well, I'm not reffering to this as a shipping, I'm just reffering to their brother and sister relationship. So, Katara and Sokka were two normal teenagers until they discovered Aang in an iceberg. Then they began their epic journey. Well, in the episode The Painted Lady, They had a short argument about spirit magic. Sokka is seen in a duet with Aang in a brief spirit magic act. Leaving Katara to walk away annoyed. In the episode The Boy in the Iceberg, Katara yells at Sokka while cracking the iceberg that holds Aang. In Avatar Day Sokka looses his boomerang, a gift from his dad. Katara hugs him.

                                 Katara in the movie.

Okay, where do I start? Katara doesn't match her counterpart. She is not as motherly as normally is and she doesn't yell at him. Her name was pronounced Ki-tara and and the waterbending rather looks like its from a source.

TBH, This sounds like a news report. Doesn't it? LOL

                            Katara in the games.

Katara in the games really matches her. I have the DSi game and she has the personality,the looks, and she actually looks like she's waterbending from her fingertips. And not a source.


So this is the finale for my Katara Blog Post. *wipes tear*i_i To celebrate I will now splash around in my pool at home. So Like Its said, GO TEAM KATARA!!

See ya next time! Next blog past will be on Mai!

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