Its time to put your Avatar knowledge skills to the test with this question quiz.

Not-so-hard questions.

Question 1: Who was the first earthbender Team Avatar met in the series?

Question 2: True or False: Before Yue became the Moon Spirit, she was able to waterbend.

Question 3: What Episode is Mai first seen?

Question 4:True or False: Kataang, Maiko, and Ty Luko are all canon.

Question 5: Finish this sentence: There's nothing worse than the depths __ my hatrid for this _____.

Question 6: Who is the leader of the freedom fighters?

Question 7: What does it mean to be a refugee?

A: an Earth Kingdom Soldier.

B: an Earth Kingdom Traveler.

C: You're from the Fire Nation.

Question 8: Where was Appa stolen?

Question 9:Who is featured in the Episode The Tales Of Ba Sing Se?

Question 10: Where did Sozin's Comet: The Battle take place?

GOLDEN QUESTION: Altogether, how much kissing is there in the entire series?

Harder questions.

Question 1: What is Momo seen eating in at the end of the Southern Air Temple?

Question 2: How many times do Mai & Zuko kiss in the series?

Question 3: Which Nation is June probably from?

Question 4: What episode was Appa sick?

Question 5: What is a cross between a Badger and a Mole?

Good Luck!


First 15 Comments are Participants in the Quiz. (if they want)

There is only one winner.

I will choose between 3 people to be in the finals.

No rude comments.

If you either don't win, get to be a participant, or make it into the finals, you will still get a Good Job message on your talk page.

I will be looking for the person with the most questions right, nicest and flexible to be in the finals or the winner.

If your not one the first 15 commenters then you can still participate, you just won't win or be in the finals.

You must answer the Golden question on this quiz to win or be in the finals.

I will make a results page with the first 15 commenters on this page and the people in the finals and the winner.

Comment on this page the answers.

Good luck on the quiz and have fun!

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