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  • Cutekittenkatara

    Save Wikia!

    January 19, 2012 by Cutekittenkatara

    As some of you know, the SOPA/PIPA are organizations that are going to shut down websites such as Wikia.

    If this link doesn't work, (it should work.) then try again soon. The English Wikipedia is one of the first Wikias to be blacked out, along with Call of Duty Wiki and Sonic News Network Wiki. We cannot let Wikia lose this protest. If we lose, Wikia may be shut down forever. And I mean forever.

    Please read about the link I posted above; come back later if the link doesn't work.


    There are many websites where you can post your signature to help the prostest. However, if you live in any country other than the USA (like me,) you can't vote. :( Hm, neve…

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  • Cutekittenkatara

    We're number one

    December 21, 2011 by Cutekittenkatara

    So as some people know from IRC, you guys could vote for the best wikias of 2011 and guess what?


    Last night, we were number four, and thanks to you guys, we're number one! :)

    If you'd like to see, go to this link:

    So far, we are in the 80-100s in votes.

    So thanks to you guys (and gals) who voted for Avatar Wiki and vote some more so that we can keep our well-deserved spot!

    Edit: Guys, please do not mention the vote change anymore. Im too lazy to change it. -___-

    --Luna :3 18:21, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Cutekittenkatara

    Hello everyone. :)

    This blog post will be how to crate a custom signature. Many of you guys are probably going to think that it is really hard to create one. It's not that hard. So I am going to show you an easier way! :D

    Customized signatures require something called HTML. HTML is a type of coding that is used on websites, books, etc.

    I am going to start of with showing you some pages on this wiki that will help.

    Help:Signature - This page will give you some information about signature; I reccomend this link for newer users.

    Help:Colors - This page will tell you a variety of colors to choose from that you can use in your signature; this link is reccomended for everyone.

    So, now that you have probably looked at one or both of the links, I am goi…

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  • Cutekittenkatara

    I have a question. 'Why is everyone leaving?' I've been noticing that the Good-Bye blogs/Take a Brake Blogs are becoming very popular. Why? Is something wrong? Are people actually leaving?

    What's going on? Why are people leaving?

    I've also noticed that some users that are always on the IRC aren't even there when I'm on there.

    So, What's the Deal? What's going on?


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  • Cutekittenkatara


    July 17, 2011 by Cutekittenkatara

    Here are 11 questions about your favorite things in the avatar world

    Q 1: Who's your favorite character from Team Avatar?

    Q 2: Who is your favorite animal in the avatar world?

    Q 3: Who is your favorite avatar?

    Q 4: What is your favorite nation?

    Q 5: What is your favorite name?

    Q 6: What is your favorite non-canon shipping?

    Q 7: What is your favorite canon shipping? (Yukka and Jinko count.)

    Q 8: Who is your favorite non-bender?

    Q 9: Who is you favorite bender?

    Q 10: Who is your favorite avatar girl?

    Q:11 Who is your favorite avatar boy?


    No mean coments

    Have Fun!

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