[1] I loved it!! here's my likes and dislikes:


1. Amon's backstory! It's so sad, I wish they had shown a little more though, like where he ran off to and how he began this whole 'equalist' nonsense.

2. LIN IS BACK! I missed her bending so badly!!

3 ANNG! Yay! I missed him too!

4. Asami not becoming a traitor! She fought well and I really feel bad for her!

5. IROH AND BUMI!!! I love Iroh!! He's so hot! And Bumi!!! He's insane but AWESOME!


1. 'Makorra' Okay, Mako didn't even BREAK UP with Asami! He just said he really cared about her. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?!?!? And while they should be focusing on a plan, they're having a love fest behind Naga! (Or whatever that was..) They're not a good couple, it feels like Mako only left Asami because she turned poor! Their romance is too cliche for me...

2. Amon taking away her bending for 10 minutes. My opinion is she should've gone to the Avatar State instead of losing her bending for 10 minutes. Or at least, lose it until next season!

3. The Airbending kidnappings. They didn't show how they were taken, they just showed them! Like what happened????? And they're children, I think Amon went too far.

4. The suicide/homocide. No Amon....? What are they gonna do next season!?!?!?!? I miss Tarrlock....... he was such a doll as a kid.

5. Anng giving her bending back. I think she should've learned it for the start again, like Anng should've told her she needs to start over or something.... I feel like she got it back too easily.

That's it!

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