• Cristlay

    [1] I loved it!! here's my likes and dislikes:


    1. Amon's backstory! It's so sad, I wish they had shown a little more though, like where he ran off to and how he began this whole 'equalist' nonsense.

    2. LIN IS BACK! I missed her bending so badly!!

    3 ANNG! Yay! I missed him too!

    4. Asami not becoming a traitor! She fought well and I really feel bad for her!

    5. IROH AND BUMI!!! I love Iroh!! He's so hot! And Bumi!!! He's insane but AWESOME!


    1. 'Makorra' Okay, Mako didn't even BREAK UP with Asami! He just said he really cared about her. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?!?!? And while they should be focusing on a plan, they're having a love fest behind Naga! (Or whatever that was..) They're not a good couple, it feels like Mako only left Asam…

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  • Cristlay

    I usually don't do blogs, but I've had enough, I just need to rant.

    Please explain to me how they 'ruined' Amon's character. No one can just be evil, so the back story to me explained how his hatered for bending started. He was abused and forced to bloodbend! You saw Katara, she HATED it! So why should Amon or Tarrlock love it? Then, he defended his little brother, when Tarrlock refused to bloodbend him. And when he asked his brother to leave with him, he refused! I would feel awful that my sibling doesn't want to follow me (not that i would leave in the first place).

    To me, I feel like they did a good job with Amon and his backstory. I wish they had said what happened afterwards though.... But did you guys really believe Amon would be some…

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