So the season finale of The Legend of Korra has finaly been aired (for quite some time now). I recently rewatched all the episodes and the one thing that anoys me is not the fact that Mako is a complete jerk (in fact, I think it will make for some interesting stories in season 2), but rather the Order of the White Lotus.

The main reason for this is that in A:TLA the Order seemed like a bad-ass Order made up of very powerfull and wise old people like Iroh and Piandao with the purpose of bringing together people from all four countries to unravel the secrets of the universe and upholding balance in the world (by liberating Ba Sing Se for instance). But in TLOK the Order's only purpose seems to be training Korra and keeping her from contacting the outside world, the order now also seems to be made up of young guardsmen who aren't wise nor powerfull, and a middle-aged leader who actually seems like a bit of a douche. I also miss the secrecy; in A:TLA almost nobody knew of the existence of the Order, but in TLOK everybody has at least heard of them.

I also think it's a shame TLOK didn't go further into the Order, but that might have just been a distraction to the main story line and it would probably be way cooler if Dark Horse Comics were to do a comics trilogy about the Order.

Long story short, the Order of the White Lotus in A:TLA is awesome and in TLOK the Order of the White Lotus sucks.

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