Trissy I'm calling you out for your lie.

Lostris (on her page about HotN):

The story will take place in Ancient Egypt where every Nation will have its own province, the Fire Nation being the biggest and most important of all (I like Firebending, what can I say). The main character will be Lostris - NOT ME, I'm absolutely NOT writing a fanon about myself, I am not that egocentric. Like I said, the story is partially based on River God where the main character -which I totally adored- is named Lostris. Heck, most of the names of the main characters are based on Wilbur Smith’s Egyptian novels. In my story, Lostris is the daughter of Fire Lady Amanra and the late Fire Lord Tamose, making her the Crown Princess of the Fire Nation. She's also a Firebender, but the Grand Vizier Naja wants the throne for himself. He can be compared to Ozai, same high skilled Firebending abilities and ambitious goals, but he is more subtle about it. As her guardian, he succeeded in minimizing Lostris' Firebending training, so that when it would come to a duel for the throne, he would have the advantage. If you'd like to know more, well.. stay tuned :-)

Lostris (on HotN's page):

Although the main character of the fanon and the author share the same (nick)name, they are not intended to be the same person; the author is not writing a story about herself. The usage of the name "Lostris" is a testimony of the author's love for the book "River God" written by Wilbur Smith. The author fell in love with the setting, the character and the story of Lostris, and has used that name ever since as an alias if needed. Using the name now for the main character came naturally as the story is heavily inspired and influenced by Smith's books.

Lostris (about her inspriations on HotN's page):

Wilbur Smith's "River God" and "Warlock": These two books, the former being my all time favorite, have laid the base for the story. A lot of the setting, names, and customs are inspired by one of these books, so I hereby would like to give Wilbur Smith the credit for the following names: Lostris, Taita, Tanus, Meren, Intef, Naja, Apepi, Tod, Tamose, and Memnon. (More names may be added to the list when the story progresses.)

Lostris ( somewhere, I forgot where, on her charecter names):

I may have borrowed the names but the characters are not going to have much silimliarites with their original name bearers.

Well Lostris, I hate to be the ass that points it out but, your wrong. Ahem Lostris in both HotN and River god are in love with a warrior named Tanus. Taita is (in both stories) Losris' father's slave. There is a big orginization called the Shirkes in both stories and give it time and I bet Tanus (HotN) follows Tanus' (River God) footsteps and captures the leaders of the Shirkes. And I'd wager that in the end of the story Lostris and Tanus are married secretly and have children. I'd also bet that the Shirkes kick the nobelity out of the main city, just like in River god. Oh and look. Intef is a corrupt politician and the leader of the Shirkes. Hmm? Conisidence? I don't think so. Hmm and the Shirkes being bandit's? Hmm yep tottally a conisidence. I'm gonna quit with my calling out, but you get my point Lostris.

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