None of you probably know but I recently started brainstorming a fanon about the Water Avatar After Korra. Sadly that is over and if you knew please know that that fanon is off.

The Real Purpose of This blog post now is to see if Anyone has a fanon they want to Co-Write or maybe would like to Co-write my idea Fanon called BattleScars. This one is a big blend of Genres but it boils down to three: War, Adventure, and Drama. So I've now got time on my hands due to the previous Fanon of mine duing a belly flop. So if you are Interested, Message me or Query me on IRC. Comments are also a way to get ahold of me. But on this Blog post Alone.

This is Count the stars - Shao 17:58, August 25, 2012 (UTC) Signing off

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