Wow, *sigh* here i am, AGAIN with a Fanon Idea. Is this new? not really, but maybe i can get over my Fanon ADD.

So first off, wow, springboarding out of my little inactive corner. Hmm, Hi everyone!

To get to the real point; I'm playing with a genius idea of an alternate story for Vanilla ALTA. Take the storyline, change the time era to our own, but remember it's the same story in our time.

So I actually did I interview of sorts with MelonLord, with him asking me questions (when I stopped talking), and he actually had a few questions that caught my attention, and I think I'll throw them in here, for the benefit of any potential readers.

So here's the interview thing! ♪♫

Interview Begin!

Shao: It's a version of Vanilla Avatar, but in our time.

MelonLord: hmm I'd probably be bad at writing that story.

Shao: So what I'm doing  is taking the story and puting it in our world, and throwing things in that didnt REALLY happen but it does in this version (and more)

Shao: So the main character's name is Selliegh, and she has a MAJOR family secret

MelonLord: wait so no bending

Shao: No, there's bending, the time era is just ours. The World is alot like ours.

MelonLord: So the Avatar World has advanced to our time?

Shao: Ugh, this is difficult to explain.

MelonLord: Maybe an abstract would be helpful.

Shao: Ok, to put it simple, the story and world is mainly the same but there are things that i'm going to put in that don't happen. Does that make sense?

MelonLord: So the world is like ours but not really? Like Star Wars, in a galazy far far away?

Shao: Um, no.

MelonLord: Damn. I understood for the most part. Just not the setting.

Shao: Ok, seeing as LoK's in a 40s setting, imagine that ATLA would be in OUR time setting. More technology, more modren clothing, etc. But the same setting.

MelonLord: well that's what i said before.

Shao: Haha, do you have any more questions?

MelonLord: Yes, what else do you have?

Shao: Well, there isn't a lot that I can talk about with out throwing out spoliers. Other than that, there are things, so maybe characters?

MelonLord: Sure. Will the characters be parallel to those in Atla?

Shao: Um, yeah, mostly the major characters. Some of the minor, maybe. But they'll essientially be there, just not mentioned. It's not from the Gaang's point of view, it's from Selliegh's. 

MelonLord: Interesting...

Shao: So we won't be meeting a lot of the people that we meet in the Vanilla ATLA.

MelonLord: Is there a war driven plot?

Shao: Well, yes it's actually the same as in the original. Just with changes to the storyline. Which I won't say, because they would be spoilers. To say the least, there is a lot of stuff that the gang did in the story that doesn't happen, or is done by the new character that I'm putting in, Selliegh. Any questions?

Shao thinks for a moment about how we went from the discussion of fanons to the interview

Shao: Haha, this is like an interview.

MelonLord: Like your own comic con panel.

Shao: No shit. Hehe.

MelonLord: YES! I wouls like to know the release date!

Shao: Well, the release date isn't actually set yet, because I'm waiting for a partner or a consultant of sorts.

MelonLord: I can consult, but not Co-write.

Shao: And another reason is because I'm working on a Pokèmon fanon, which I was going to release in October, but i've been busy with Irl things and it's been bat-shit insane. Honestly, I'm still writing on the first chapter and I'm not content with the length.*

Shao: For a release date, to sum it up, it'll depend on whether or not I can get a partner or consultant, and I'm still brainstorming out the stuff that makes a story good. So are there any last questions that you may have?

MelonLord: No, I'm good.

  • Fin*

Okay, so that was the end of that! Now for the story stuff.

So like I mentioned, hey there's a new take on the story of the Original Avatar! There's a new character or twenty, but the most important would be Selliegh, and as I mentioned, she has a HUGE family secret that is really going to be a challenge for her to deal with.

And this is the part where I say that, like I said in the interview, I'm still brainstorming. I'd like to create my one masterpiece here on the Avatar wiki, but I'd also like to be able to stay with my story, because a lot of you probably have seen SO many of my "ohmigosh I have a new idea, chapter, [insert fanon-writing stage thing done" but in the end (unsuprisingly I guess) I've done the Fanon ADD thing and scrapped it.

So yeah, leave me some feedback, comment, ignore it, whatever.

This is me signing off this blog!


  • As a demi-competitive person, I see Lostris' ability to write AMAZING chapters that are long and kind of take that as a strike to my ego. No offense to Lostris, but yeah. 36 pages isn't enough for me I guess.
    • Also, the interview is actually fairly cleaned up, edited, and abbreviated.


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