Ok now guys this is SERIOUS.

I have a small idea that I've been thinking on.

It's called Weekly Tributes.

This project HAS a purpose.

Now what you do is add a link to a NICE APPROPRAITE song that suits one ( or all if they say you can) ally on your page so when people see whose on your list they can listen to the 'theme song' that suits your allies personality.

PLEASE be nice.

If your ally says ' no dont put a theme song for me on your page' PLEASE respect their decision.

Also IF you can see if your allies and their allies and their allies would try this out.

( Note: The purpose is to see your opions on your allies)

( Note 2: The theme shoulld be nice)

( Note 3: please message me to see some rules)

(Note 4: It doesn't have to be weekly)

- Count the stars - Shao

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