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  • Count the stars - Shao

    Wow, *sigh* here i am, AGAIN with a Fanon Idea. Is this new? not really, but maybe i can get over my Fanon ADD.

    So first off, wow, springboarding out of my little inactive corner. Hmm, Hi everyone!

    To get to the real point; I'm playing with a genius idea of an alternate story for Vanilla ALTA. Take the storyline, change the time era to our own, but remember it's the same story in our time.

    So I actually did I interview of sorts with MelonLord, with him asking me questions (when I stopped talking), and he actually had a few questions that caught my attention, and I think I'll throw them in here, for the benefit of any potential readers.

    So here's the interview thing! ♪♫

    Interview Begin!

    Shao: It's a version of Vanilla Avatar, but in our time.


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  • Count the stars - Shao

    Fanon News

    August 25, 2012 by Count the stars - Shao


    None of you probably know but I recently started brainstorming a fanon about the Water Avatar After Korra. Sadly that is over and if you knew please know that that fanon is off.

    The Real Purpose of This blog post now is to see if Anyone has a fanon they want to Co-Write or maybe would like to Co-write my idea Fanon called BattleScars. This one is a big blend of Genres but it boils down to three: War, Adventure, and Drama. So I've now got time on my hands due to the previous Fanon of mine duing a belly flop. So if you are Interested, Message me or Query me on IRC. Comments are also a way to get ahold of me. But on this Blog post Alone.

    This is Count the stars - Shao 17:58, August 25, 2012 (UTC) Signing off

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  • Count the stars - Shao

    Trissy I'm calling you out for your lie.

    Lostris (on her page about HotN):

    The story will take place in Ancient Egypt where every Nation will have its own province, the Fire Nation being the biggest and most important of all (I like Firebending, what can I say). The main character will be Lostris - NOT ME, I'm absolutely NOT writing a fanon about myself, I am not that egocentric. Like I said, the story is partially based on River God where the main character -which I totally adored- is named Lostris. Heck, most of the names of the main characters are based on Wilbur Smith’s Egyptian novels. In my story, Lostris is the daughter of Fire Lady Amanra and the late Fire Lord Tamose, making her the Crown Princess of the Fire Nation. She's also a Fire…

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  • Count the stars - Shao

    Ok now guys this is SERIOUS.

    I have a small idea that I've been thinking on.

    It's called Weekly Tributes.

    This project HAS a purpose.

    Now what you do is add a link to a NICE APPROPRAITE song that suits one ( or all if they say you can) ally on your page so when people see whose on your list they can listen to the 'theme song' that suits your allies personality.

    PLEASE be nice.

    If your ally says ' no dont put a theme song for me on your page' PLEASE respect their decision.

    Also IF you can see if your allies and their allies and their allies would try this out.

    ( Note: The purpose is to see your opions on your allies)

    ( Note 2: The theme shoulld be nice)

    ( Note 3: please message me to see some rules)

    (Note 4: It doesn't have to be weekly)

    - Count the s…

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