My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Gravity Falls. Steven Universe. Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra. Long ago, the four fandoms lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the crazy Internet fanboys and fangirls attacked. Only the Admintar, using the screenname of The 888th Avatar, master of all four fandoms, could stop them. But when the wikis needed him most, he vanished. One hundred rabbit years passed and I discovered the new Admintar, meaning I hope to make the rank within a few years. Although my editing skills are great, I have a lot to learn before I'm ready to save any Internet community. But I believe that with the right amount of training, I could very much do it. OK, I know that trying to rewrite the intro speech to make it apply to a fake fandom war between the Avatar fandom and the fandoms of other American kids-cartoons-with-large-adult-fandoms-due-to-quirkiness-and-deep-themes is ridiculous. Many fans of at least one of the above shows are fans of at least one of the other shows. Thanks to the Hub Network becoming Discovery Family, no one cares about Bronies anymore, so I don't even think having MLP: FiM as one of the "nations" is even relevant. I just wanted one Disney show, one Cartoon Network show, one Nick show, and one "other" show. And this wiki is just for Avatar, unless people wrote crossovers in the fandom portal, so people wouldn't fight of fandom superiority here, of all places (though I could be wrong). I don't know how much any of the admins know about GF, SU, or MLP:FiM, so it's unlikely that any of them would be the "master of all four fandoms." I just chose rabbit years because I wanted to find a way to say a hundred years without it actually being a hundred years. A hundred fly years might be more accurate. And of all the wikis I plan on joining, I'm probably on the lower half of likliness of joining this one. I'm probably the most likely to get far on Pikipedia or something like that, which isn't even on Wikia, but rather on the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance because of claims that I do not agree with and neither should you that Wikimedia Commons doesn't care about the fans and only cares about money. It's not wrong to care about money as long as your business practices are ethical, as Asami should remind us all, and with all of these crazy cool things being organized like Fandom Food Contests on Wikia, they appear to care about the fandoms a lot. Well, it works for NIWA, because Bulbapedia is a better Pokemon wiki than Wikia's Pokemon Wiki. OK, if I don't start talking about legitimate Avatar things, this post will be removed, so here I go. I have seen every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender at least thrity times thanks to it constantly rerunning on Nicktoons in the late 2000s/early 2010s and me not having a legitimate social life until age seventeen. I watched The Legend of Korra's first two episodes when they first aired on April 14, 2012, but due to going to a boarding school at that time, I missed the rest of the first season, and didn't watch the second or third seasons when they aired due to absolutely no promotion and Nick's apparent desire to watch the show fail (it just seemed like that, OK?). I knew about the basic premise of The Legend of Korra but nothing else, and didn't care about it, finding things like South Park a little more interesting, and it wasn't until the trailer for Book 4: Balance became listed under Popular On YouTube one day in September 2014 that I became interested in watching the show in its entirety, which I managed to do just barely before the series finale aired on Nicktoons. I guess the reason why the video became so popular was because of the controversy of Book 4 only premiering a month after Book 3 had ended and Nick rushing to get rid of the show because it didn't speak to their intended audience and the flame wars and angry rant comments that ensued, so I guess I have them to thank for getting me to notice The Legend of Korra before it ended. I probably would've noticed it someway regardless, but I'm glad it was before the series finale. Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra were both amazing shows. They involved a rich mystic fantasy world with a little steampunk thrown in for good measure, humor that both kids and adults could enjoy, and an animation style that caused many people to call them the world's first animes not produced in Japan (I don't think that anime and American animation should be forced into seperate categories because of shows that blur the line like Avatar and The Boondocks). However, they did even more than that. They respected the maturity of 21st century kids enough to not shy away from darker and more mature subjects than might be expected from a shows with TV-Y7-FV ratings. They were willing and able to discuss war, genocide, family as a concept of those who care about you rather than those you are related to by blood, feminism (sometimes in an unnecessarily heavy-handed manner, but what the heck), ends-justify-the-means ethics, acknowledging the worth of the disabled, fathers outliving their sons, animal rights, mental-spiritual training (by which I mean the chakras), environmentalism, the consequences of desire for vengeance, kill-one-to-save-many ethics, multiculturalism (though not exactly racism because of how everyone in the Avatar world is some form of Asian), anarchy, terrorism, murder-suicide, spiritualism vs. secularism, realistic depiction of failed romances, sympathetic villains, depression, PTSD, fascism, weapons of mass destruction, and, of course, depiction of same-sex relationships. While I do not find Korra and Asami as lesbians/bisexuals/pansexuals/whatever you call them to be a bad thing, I do think that Michael Dante DiMartino handled the public better than Bryan Koinetzko in acknowledging it. Bryan seemed to come at it from a "you ignorant, regressive, 5th century right-wing Christian dipsticks" simply because some people either saw it as a sisterly best friendship or, like Bryan said in his Tumblr post about it, because some people weren't raised to understand that LGBT people are real people with real feelings and a right to pursue love the way their brains and pharomones desire. However, I think that Bryan needs to realize that just because someone doesn't feel exactly the same about homosexuality/bisexuality/pansexuality as he does, or about any of the issues he feels strongly enough about to acknowledge in Avatar, Korra, or his upcoming graphic novel Threadworlds, that doesn't mean that they are bad people. They're only bad people if they frequently and actively seek to keep marginalized people oppressed. Michael, on the other hand, said something to the effect of "this is just how we feel, love it or leave it" and didn't take it personally when others didn't see Korra and Asami's relationship the way Bryke did. While I don't find the writing to be consistently perfect for either show, with some inconsistent use of science fantasy (while it makes sense that firebenders get power from the sun and waterbenders get power from the moon, I don't understand how comets are a super-source of power for firebenders) and some weak writing (in the case of Avatar, I think that Aang should've dealt with his own pacifistic nature in a war-torn world and the ethical struggle of killing his enemies or not throughout the series rather than waiting until the end of the series, because I don't like it when a show makes the audience just assume that the villains were nonfatally injured when defeated, and this constantly happened throughout Book 1: Water, and in the case of Korra, I don't think they should've added a weak sob story onto Kuvira's origin, because it took away her edge and seemed to be trying too hard to make each villain sympathizable), I think that, at least in most concepts, individual storylines, and characterizations, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are the two best shows ever aired on Nickelodeon. Iroh and Tenzin are inspirations in my life to be the best I can be, and I thank Bryke for making them. Thank you for reading all of this if you did, and if you take issue with some of the more ideologically sensitive things I said, please take me to task on it in my individual talk section, because I disabled comments in order to preemptively stop flame wars and hurt the feelings of anyone other than myself. Flameo, hotmen!

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