Now, I love Avatar so I'm not hating on the series. I think it's honestly a great show that doesn't insult my intelligence by making lame jokes or using stereotypes for easy laughs but I was watching a few episodes from the first season and realize that they are a lot different from the second and third season o.o Basically, I find them a little corny.

The first episode of the first season was good, no doubt about it but the way Zuko and especially Iroh are portrayed later on is so weird and unfitting. Zuko seems like a silly hot-headed inept outcast and Iroh seems like a submissive old fool. The general slap-stick type jokes are nowhere near as funny as in the second and third season and the way Sokka picks up the Kyoshi techniques so quickly is odd when compared to a more realistic time frame when he was learning under the sword master in the Fire Nation.

Any thoughts? Maybe there was a change in management or something?

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