Hey so im new to this particular wiki and this is my first blog so im sorry im writing the same thing over again.

so while most people are anticipating the new LoK season in april, im waiting for the graphic novel, the search, since the orginal avatar, ive been wondering what happend to zuko's mother. and the ending of the animated series just left us hanging for a veryyyyyyyy long time. so we know that his mother left in order to spare zuko's life. its kinda a dick move for azulon to give that order but the reasoning behind it makes sense. so for the actually point of the blog. what happened zukos mother. where did she go? she has to still be alive  well i hope she is because then the search will be kind of pointless. and what is to be expected when crazy azula finally meets her mother? will she try to kill? can ursa even firebend? it wouldnt make sense for her not to be able to considering she has it in her blood but then again sokka has it in his blood too but he cant firebend. so what do you guys expect?

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