So I won’t deny it- I am a person who frequently abandons things, but that’s heavily due to my lack of free time, I joined this site some time ago, either in 2009 or 2010 I can’t really remember now. I started writing a Fanon called Avatar: Legend Of Fire though due to my lack of time and muse I dropped this fanon and only rarely check up on it, I have grown a bit better at writing and decided to write something more serious, which led me to my latest (and arguably more successful) fanon The Runaway.

If you are not acquainted, Legend Of Fire follows the fire avatar before Aang and Yangchen and basically was just a project that I had a great idea for but it fell flat when I realized how little I had thought of how I’d get it off of the ground and focused on how I would end it. Dumb move on my part. The second one, The Runaway I (once again, arguably) put more consideration into and I’m planning to make it a slightly darker, sadder and overall more enticing story. It follows one of the last remaining monks after the Air Nomad genocide 98 something years before Aang's return from the iceberg, so I have 98 years to span the story through without canon getting in the way. So I’m essentially making this blog post to introduce myself, introduce my fanons and somewhat give myself a reason to devote more time because I'm making a promise to this site and myself that I will.(hi) because I’m planning on devoting slightly more of my free time to writing for fun, a.k.a. writing fanon chapters and getting more into this sites community/ get more acquainted with the site’s codes and the site itself.

So Hi again.

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