Hi there, Dear Avatar's Fans ♥! I was wondering; do you remember your first Avatar's episode?! :D

My first <3

If you want to read this you have to know that, I am POLISH (!).
Wednesday-28th-July-2011 year... about 22:30 o'clock. I was lying on a couch and waiting for Danny Phantom (23:30). I don't know but maybe I was thinking something like that: "Uhh, I don't know what to watch.. I'll switch on Nickelodeon and I'll watch anything that will be emitted before DP. *switching* . OH NO! What a shit?! Avatar: The Last Airbender?! (okay, now you can be angry, but that's what I thought...) Ehh, I promised myself..." . That was the episode "Bato of the Water Tribe". What happened AFTER ?? I forgot about watching Danny Phantom. I didn't care . I was fallen in love with A:TLA! And I still am.

Okay, now - you can belive me, or no, but : Avatar is the only show which I am watching. Even if I am trying to watch something other I can't forget about A:TLA. I am thinking about it so often! When I am watching it I don't see anything besides TV (or sometimes computer - I like to watch it online). I am closed in the Avatar's World.
What about friends? They don't know. i didn't tell anyone about my passion, but it's very hard. I don't know why. I just don't want to tell. When I wanted to tell one girl I felt like I am letting go Fire Nation's Army to the Northern Water Tribe's Temple.... I didn't tell her.

What about you? <33

Do you remember your first time? Do you remember which episode was your first? Did you like it?? :)

If you read this post I am very grateful. I hope that, somebody stand to the end? ;)
Byee, u all ;** !
Avatar 4ever
and ever

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