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ChiBlocker September 22, 2011 User blog:ChiBlocker

Hello darlings ! I wanted to say 'thanks' ! Every comment means for me so much, especially when you're expressing your opinion in it ! IN MY PREVIOUS POST THERE ARE 74 COMMENTS! Thank you for your existence <3 ! And, I'd be happy if you would visit one sad, stubborn, but very nice guy :) !! Read his blog if you need some help : Natsu11 . I'll be very grateful :)

Your Favourite Shipping

Think about your favourite character... he/she/it is in your mind... now - who matches to you fav. charac.?! :D for example mine (it isn't real, I respect every shipping, and I haven't got favourite character) : Katara matches to ... Zuko. Zutara.

Gender Battle

Choose one character. Now how do you think he/she will look like if she/he would be the opposite gender? Imagine !! :) Now you can make a shipping with (for example) : Zuko-girl + Toph-man. xD !

Your Own Avatar Story

Imagine, you are one of A:TLA's characters, or BETTER make your own character! I'm sure it will be great !!

1. Choose for your character - nationality, apperreance, personality, and ... clothes XD (the best one) ! 2. Now - What he/she can do? If your character is (example) a bender from Fire Nation - is she/he (I know that's annoying xd) a lightinbender, or a firebender (initial or advanced)? Or maybe she/he isn't a bender? Maybe it's (better, when I'll call your character 'it' xd) a Kyoshi Warrior, or "a guy with a boomerang"? That's all your choice! 3. Think about your character's social position. And the most important thing - your character's story.

Now on boring weekly class meeting you can dream about being in Avatar's Team (or maybe in Villains' Team?).

Washing Dishes

I hate washing dishes! I uploaded some Avatar's episodes on my phone. I am listening to them while I am washing up. It isn't great, because I prefer WATCHING it, but listening is cool too, because dishes aren't that boring...

Okay, I don't want you to do those crappy things if you don't want:). And you haven't got to write a comment - better write it on Natsu11's blog :) Byee ! ;* <3

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