Hello, darlings ;) ! Now about Avatar games :)

My pick

I am starting the game : Avatar Bobble Battles. It is a very cool game :) ! I think that, it's medium; not too hard, not too easy.

  • I like dialogues.
  • I like the graphics.
  • I looove the fabula !
  • I like that, you can play as your favourite country c:

I've got the free, full version, sorry, I don't remember from which site ;/ .. Check it out, if you didn't do that before now ! I recommend this addictive game :).

Your pick?

Now I want to know your pick :D . Maybe you don't like any Avatar games?? Ohh, it's a pity - sometimes we've got great ideas and fabulas for a game, but we can't realize it :c ! And some of us just can't find any interesting game. I found ;). But seriously, I really love this gamee (Avatar Bobble Battles), maybe you like it 2 :DD ?! That would be greaaaaaat ^^ !

And now something not on :P

Yeahh, the topic was about games, but I wanted to know something other 2.. Well, what do you think about Jet? I don't really like him (I liked episode "Jet", but I don't like his character).. I mean - I like him, but not too much. But when I saw his death I was really crying! I am serious ! This guy is after crossing; Fire Nation's soldiers killed his parents etc. ... and later Long Feng killed him in Ba Sing Se... I didn't belive. that was the place, where he wanted to 'start again' his life, when he felt ... don't know, safe?? And then he died. That was pretty sad 4 me ... What do you think?? :)

Greets, babiezz,

always yours,

Miss Chi Chi xx

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