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  • I live in Northern Water Tribe ;>
  • My occupation is absencee
  • I am female <3
  • ChiBlocker

    What do you think?

    September 22, 2011 by ChiBlocker

    Hello darlings ! I wanted to say 'thanks' ! Every comment means for me so much, especially when you're expressing your opinion in it ! IN MY PREVIOUS POST THERE ARE 74 COMMENTS! Thank you for your existence

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  • ChiBlocker

    do you remember?

    September 18, 2011 by ChiBlocker

    Hi there, Dear Avatar's Fans ♥! I was wondering; do you remember your first Avatar's episode?! :D

    == My first

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  • ChiBlocker

    Hello, darlings ;) ! Now about Avatar games :)

    I am starting the game : Avatar Bobble Battles. It is a very cool game :) ! I think that, it's medium; not too hard, not too easy.

    • I like dialogues.
    • I like the graphics.
    • I looove the fabula !
    • I like that, you can play as your favourite country c:

    I've got the free, full version, sorry, I don't remember from which site ;/ .. Check it out, if you didn't do that before now ! I recommend this addictive game :).

    Now I want to know your pick :D . Maybe you don't like any Avatar games?? Ohh, it's a pity - sometimes we've got great ideas and fabulas for a game, but we can't realize it :c ! And some of us just can't find any interesting game. I found ;). But seriously, I really love this gamee (Avatar Bobble…

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  • ChiBlocker

    Other characters

    September 9, 2011 by ChiBlocker

    Hi there, again, sweetiez ;) I am sorry, I forgot to write about the rest of charcters XD ... today I'll write about other charcters. About those bad and about Ursa. Ursa wasn't bad, she was a good mother..

    Azula is a bad character, I have no doubt. But she is well-liked. Right? I am Azula's fan too, because she is strong, clever and she knows what she wants. She is sure a great friend. I think so.. In episode "the Beach" we can see that, she like to have fun. Great character; great appearance, great personality. Luv her. Does she fit to any boy? What do you think??

    Azula's friend. Ver-very likes Zuko. Her childhood was easy: "I was a rich only child and got anything I wanted, as long as I behaved, and sat still, and didn't speak unless spok…

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  • ChiBlocker

    I don't know what do YOU think about all of those excellent characters but here is that what I think (write your opinion, sweetie x33).

    Okay, he is only 12, but he fell asleep in the iceberg for 100 years, so we can add it to 12 and it will be 112 :p oh, dear math! He s crazy, don't you think so?? He rode Koi Carps! But it's a nice child, because he always want to help, yea?? He matches to Katara perfectly.

    Aang's destiny. She is just MADE for him! What do you think?? Great waterbender, nice girl (she feel the need to help, just like Aang). But maybe she doesn't fit to Avatar well... Because, you know, opposites are attracting, but they are similar.

    Poor Sokka - no bending. He still can fight, but benders can fight too ! So he can't be bette…

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