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Most likely, after The Legend of Korra's latest episode, The Aftermath, we will be subject to some major character development from a few or many of our main characters, such as Korra, Mako, Asami, Lin, etc. This blog is about what sort of character developments I will be looking for or expecting... I will totally face palm if none of these happen. XD

NOTE: I'm only going to have categories for Lin's and Asami's character development as they seemed to have changed the most in The Aftermath. Others' developments will be compiled into one huge, list.


In the episode, The Aftermath, Asami Sato learns (towards the end of the episode) that her father, Hiroshi Sato, is secretly an Equalist and has been supplying weapons and such to the revolution's cause. When Hiroshi, her father, extends an invitation to join him, she shocks the whole Krew by shocking her own father with an Equalist weapon, given to her just before by Hiroshi himself. After they (the Krew) leave the Sato's Mansion, where Hiroshi had been manufacturing the Equalist weapons, Asami turns to Mako who comforts her. She presumably also learns from Mako, that she is welcome to stay at Air Temple Island.

Character Revelations Also Shown in this Episode:

  • Asami can fight, and fight well.
  • Asami can drive Satomobiles, and presumably other vehicles.
  • Asami is an established liar as shown when she betrays her dad.
  • She cares for Mako (and by extension Bolin) enough to let them into her own home.
  • She is clearly determined to do right from wrong.
  • She is defendent of her family/friends when they are accused of things.

Character Developments Expected:

  • Asami will use her newly revealed (to us fans) fighting skills helping Korra and her friends defeat Amon and his Equalists.
  • Asami will have a bit of a hard time adjusting to her new life as she did come from the lap of luxury.
  • Asami will grow closer with Mako as he 'makes her feel safe' and he is one of the only male characters right now who is completely trustworthy, in her eyes at least.
  • Asami will become a bit more withdrawn because of her father's betrayal; in my guess, it will shake her to the core.
  • Asami will develop a closer relationship with Korra, who though exploited her father's crimes, seemed genuinely sorry for doing so.

Lin Beifong

In The Aftermath, Lin Beifong investigates Korra's claims about Sato and his possible relationship with the Equalists. She discovers this to be true after they (the Krew) find a secret factory where Equalists weapons are being made and tested. Sato then traps her along with everyone else and they battle mecha tanks, where they are defeated. In the process, some of her metalbenders were taken captive. Afterwards, as she is recuperating from her battle on a metalbending airship, she confides to Tenzin that she is resigning, going to retrieve her metalbenders, and then is going to fight Amon, outside of the law.

Character Revelations Also in this Episode:

  • Lin can use seismic sense, just like her mother Toph Beifong
  • Lin is more like her mother than originally thought as she is willing to break rules to help those she feels she has a duty to.
  • Lin has a soft, vulnerable side shown when feeling low-self esteem of herself.
  • Lin has a remarkable sense of duty to things that are righteous.

Character Developments Expected:

  • Lin will grow stronger fighting Amon outside of the law, as it is different from what she usually does; fighting within the law.
  • Lin will work with Tenzin, Korra, and the others a bit more than usual as they are her only connections now, as she resigned from Chief-Police Officer.
  • Lin will use more of her earth/metal bending in retaliation against Amon.
  • More of Lin's more softer side will be featured.
  • Lin and Tenzin's friendship will grow stronger as they have to work with one another more now.

Other Character Developments Expected From Other Characters:

  • Masami will grow stronger as Asami will be more dependent on Mako's stablity.
  • Life on Air Temple Island will become much more exciting, especially with the airbending children involved.
  • Jinora's newfound interest in boys will become more prominent with Mako and Bolin coming to stay.
  • Borra could become true.
  • Hints of Makorra are probably going to be dropped from time-to-time.
  • Pabu's gonna be amazing. XD
  • The main characters may leave Republic City for more guidance on the war or for their safety.
  • Discrimination against benders and nonbenders will become much more heated.
  • Korra will become more in touch with her spiritual side and meet Aang in the Spirit World AND/OR go into the Avatar State. I have a feeling that Naga will somehow play a role in this concept.
  • Korra will meet Zuko or meet someone directly related to Zuko; NOTE: This has been already confirmed, but I'm still expecting it.
  • Tension between Pema/Tenzin/Lin will relax or grow stronger
  • Tension between Korra/Bolin/Mako/Asami will relax or grow stronger.

Possibilities I've Also Considered

But not as clearly as others

  • Masami could fall apart in a romantic sort of way (Thanks to Wcassieopeia for opening my eyes to this suggestion.)

That's all for now! I would be very appreciative for any input.

Thanks, CelticKisses

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