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I'm working on Kat and Kate (twins) and there profiles. But I'm not that good at duing 3D photo's so this one will be my first one.

Kat is an adventurous, daring, strong willed, hard-headed Earthbender and never stays a home for too long. she is a traveler and master of disguise. She is in search of her brother, witch she belives has been in contact with Aang when they was in Kyoshi island as a bystander. But when she went to the Island, he was missing. The rest will be in her wiki.

Kate is a serene most of the time and is quick to give up unlike her hard headed, strong willed sister Kat. She noticed her sister leaving and always coming back with cool and unsual stories and how everyone looked at Kat. So she one day asked to go with her and the rest is on her wiki.

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