Hi well since I notcied other people doing this I thought I might aswell since I'm bored and I get a badge =D

Well I've got this new fanon out: Rise of the Avatar

It's got a new Avatar: Shinn

Its got two chapters:

Heres a extract:

It was about midday at a small Earth Kingdom port, a small breeze was in the air. A small ferry boat arrived having just coming from the Earth Kingdom. A small market was nestled in the port as the residents went about their daily buisness.

As the people shuffled out of the boat so did a young boy. Only 16 the boy had travelled from the Fire Nation to the Earth Kingdom with little intention of going back. He walked slower than the other people as he took in his surroundings and after he was comfortable removed his hood revealing his ruby eyes and jet black hair.

He walked slowly into the market and approached the stall before the merchant turned around he was gone. He sat by the side of the street and eat the apple he had stolen, having no money to buy it lawfully.

As he enjoyed the light breeze and the silence, his little paradise was cut short by the sound of a woman screaming. He jumped up and moved round the corner to find a group of people watching something.

What were they watching?

Who is this boy?

What Happened?

Read it and find out! Review aswell!

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