So how longs it been 5, maybe even 6 monthes? For those who follow my fanon Rise of an Avatar you'll be happy to know a new chapter, Trouble is Never Far Away, has just been released. That's assuming there still some of you that are still intrested in the series.

If you are thank you, if your new to this fanon here's an extract from the chapter:

Trouble is Never Far Away - Preview

Shinn jumped to the side to narrowly dodge the blade of air that was flying towards him. Before he could get on his feet two more were heading in his direction. He placed both hands on the ground beneath him and just before the blades hit he shot up into the air. Shinn stuck out his legs to bounce off the pillar behind him and flew towards his attacker who felt the full force of the Avatar's punch.

Tenzin fell to the ground with a large smash as Shinn landed gracefully behind him. Tenzin, after dusting himself off, spoke.

"Not bad, but your still ages off Airbending mastery"

Tenzin turned to find Shinn looking towards a small gap in the pillars in front of him, Tenzin managed to catch a glance of a man in Air Nomad clothes hurrying away after realising his presence was known.

"That monk" said Shinn. "He's been watching us every time we train"

"Think nothing of it, we hardly get any outsiders" replied Tenzin. "Probably just curious"

"Who is it anyway?" asked Shinn.

"Didn't get a good look, might've been Gyun but he isn't interested in fighting"

"Could you find out for me?"

"Something wrong Shinn?"

"I was attacked on my way here, it was an airbender"

"I assure you no one here would think of doing something like that!" replied a defensive Tenzin.

"You never know" said Shinn taking one last look at where the man had been...

Final Notes

So I hope you enjoy it and apoligise for the extremly long wait. Don't worry the next one won't take this long...probably...Carloso - Talk 23:25, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

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