Sokka is haunted by the decisions he made during the invasion plan, and feels the need to regain his honor. With the help of Zuko, Sokka travels to the highest security prison in the Fire Nation, The Boiling Rock. Disguised as guards, they search the prison, until they find Suki who had been singled out of the Kyoshi warriors and placed in the prison. With time running out, Sokka needs to decide if he should cut his losses and leave, or try to finish what he started.

Sokka finds his father, but withhis original escape plan failing, he doesn't know if there's another way off the island. Luckily with his Father, Suki and Chit Sang at his side their new plan soon comes together, but will they be able to execute if before Azula arrives? Meanwhile, Mai arrives at the prison and confronts Zuko about what happened on the day of the invasion.

First off this is by far my favorite episodes so far, the sheer chemistry between Soka and Suki is brilliant and they easily deserve their own episodes. I especially liked the scene in which Suki's lying in her cell, when Sokka comes in, and at first she doesn't recognize him, punching him back to the door when he tries to kiss her.

Sokka: You don't recognize me?
Suki: You (guards) all look the same to me
Sokka: Maybe you'll recognize this
(Sokka leans forward to kiss her, Suki jumps up and smacks him back against the wall, making his helmet fall off) Suki: Sokka!

Furthermore the story line Is a great addidion to the show and this one in particular is an action packed episode with minimal bending, Which is welcome in my opinion. I'm also glad there was a happy ending as they all escape but then again i had a feeling it would all end up okay seeing as its a show aimed at mainly childern.

Sokka reall showes some of his true colours in this episode and seems to take over as a main charactar, He is shown to be honorable, brave, strong willed and determined. He also seems to show his soft side when he is reunited with Suki. Suki's true potential as a warrior is only further portrayed in this episode especially when she single handedly captures the warden of the prision boasting some pretty handy acrobatics, jumping from head to head over a croud of rioting prisoners. Morover Zuko, who had recently been accepted reluctently into the group is almost trying to prove himslef via helping Sokka, his presence as a 'Goodie' was very strange at first but i warmed up to him in the end.

In terms of relevance in the series, even though it is a spin off episode i think it fits in perfectly with the rest of the series and the fact that Suki is kept on the team is great as, in my opionion she is one of the best (non-bending) characters.

Overall these were 2 great episodes and i strongly recomend you go and watch them is you haven't seen them already!!

P.s. This is the first time i have done anything like this so i appolagies if it sounds or looks.... crap. ;)

Love from caramelly

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