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    , Lieutenant and an Equalist watching Korra escaping]] So I just watched the latest episode of Korra, and I've got to say I loved it. The bit where Korra's meditating and see's the trial and Sokka mentions how he took down Combustion Man with his boomerang that was one of the funniest bits so far in the series. I thought Sokka was gonna have a deep, wise voice, then he comes out with that, I couldn't stop laughing. Meelo had a funny moment also Bolin had a few funny moments like when Lin bended his zipper closed. But I hope we get to see more of the gang like Suki, Katara, Zuko, Mai, Iroh in the upcoming episodes.

    But anyway, Amon is scary as sh*t! God damn, when Tarrlok tried to stop him with bloodbending and he just kept on walking, he re…

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