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Hello everyone! Bray here, reviewing Minnichi's fanon Silent Hero in Emerald.


Ba Sing Se is kept balanced by the Dai Li. Any signs of conflict or talk of war are silenced immediately by these elite Earthbenders, under the strict eye of Long Feng. Brainwashing, imprisonment, execution... Anything's acceptable to maintain order. Those who disrupt the peace must be eliminated at once.


Yuhan, a highly talented converter of rebels (a.k.a. brainwasher), never had any problems with the Dai Li's reasoning. He lives to contribute to the balance of the city since he doesn't really have anything else to do, anyway. After an unexpected twist of events, however, a childhood friendship resurfaces - and blooms into love.

It wouldn't have been so bad if the Dai Li hadn't deemed her a disruptor of peace.

Ahh, Minnichi: the sleep-deprived Dai Li fanatic who appears to be a panda at various intervals of the night hours and puts writing her fanon and the wiki over her studies. Despite her seemingly vampiristic tendencies, let me make it very clear that she is one brilliant author and writer. Action, love, depression, no matter the type of scene or emotion, she writes it so very eloquently and realistically; this is what puts her over the top and above the rest. In Silent Hero in Emerald, there is a perfect balance of emotion and scenes that create a world that sucks the reader in and leaves them demanding more. Minnichi has created a fanon that will go down in the fanon history book... if there is such a thing.


Plot - 9.8: Okay, first off, let me put it bluntly: I. Absolutely. Love. This. Fanon. From the first chapter, to the most recent addition, I understand the plot easily, but the mysteriousness is still there where it needs to be. Everything plays together so nicely, I feel like I'm beamed to a different world whenever I read; that, along with the fact that the plot itself is equally as brilliant as the author is what makes this fanon amazing. The only reason for a ever-so minor deduction was that -- rarely -- I would be slightly confused by a jump to different perspectives that clouded the plot, but honestly, that's getting very nit-picky. The plot is smooth, captivating, and gripping.

Character Development - 9.6: Minnichi crafted a sturdy platoon of well developed characters, my favorite being the obvious Yuhan, that really play into the story and leave footprints in the chapters whenever they appear; that's a very admirable trait as an author, because character development is an aspect of fanons, and stories in general, that have the ability to make or break a fanon. In Silent Hero in Emerald, the characters add a sense of eloquent beauty that's very rare for me to notice in fanons. I love all of the characters and they way they have developed and are developing, so serious kudos to the author on this one. The only concern I have is the slight lack of development, I found, in Riya, but it's not necessarily a take-back, because it adds to the mysteriousness and feel of the story, too.

Organization - 9.5: The organization is sound, as expected. The flow of a story is something I tend to have to get a grip of when I read, and if it is nonexistent, I struggle with the story. That wasn't and isn't the case with Silent Hero in Emerald. I could easily follow the path of the plot and the way it is constructed due to said organization, which is why I regard it as I do. The only reason for a minor deduction here is for very scarce areas of jumping perspectives of flashbacks, which slightly fogged my understanding of the story, but added to the overall effect in certain places, too. There were moments when the connections were hard to see, but overall, it was awesome.

Creativity - 9.7: A Dai Li agent who slowly begins to realize that the "Greatest City" isn't as great as it's depicted to be, while adding in love, action, and a slur of emotions; does that not tempt you to drop what you're doing now and read away your time? Well, it did for me, and I'm so glad to have experienced the epic that is Silent Hero in Emerald. This is one of the tougher portions of a review for me, because my level of creativity isn't as great as I would hope it to be, but still -- this fanon is something I've never really thought about, nor read about before. The only loss of score here is from some generalities I found in different aspects, such as the love and whatnot, but once again, that's being very picky.


Mechanics - 10.0: Minnichi has an extremely well-trained and excellent use of grammatical and literary techniques that portray her writing so eloquently and suiting. There's no questioning her talent; out of 120,552 words, I counted one mistake. ONE. See now? Minnichi doesn't mess around when it comes to writing. Period.

General Writing - 9.6: The word choice in this fanon is great, along with the vocabulary used, and it allows the readers to see the story for the greatness that it is. Minnichi uses her skills to convey excellent story telling maneuvers, despite a little ramble-ish here and there.

Style - 9.4: Style is a hard portion of the review, because it differs from author to author. Minn's style, being her writing in general, can be best described by me as exquisite. If it were a dish or platter, I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tips to you, Minn!


Captivation - 9.7: This is one of those stories that once you start reading, even your stomach won't ask for food until you finish. It's a thrilling read and I love every second of it, and that's all I can really say. It's awesome, simple as that. Plus, its about the Dai Li, which is a topic that really intrigued me.

Emotion - 9.6: PHEW. This story is a demanding emotional roller coaster, especially towards the twentieth chapter or so. It has its high points, and its lows, they're so perfectly balanced that it keeps me on the edge of my seat within each chapter. That's a big testament to the author. *Tips recently purchased Dai Li hat.*

Believability - 9.7 The resulting story, a product of complete author devotion and utter eloquence, is extremely believable. I mean, I watched the A:TLA episode about Lake Laogai again today... and I couldn't get SHiE outta my head all the way through. Honestly, I feel like it should be a comic or something, it's just that great!

Final Score - 9.66

Personal Thoughts

I have a new-found respect and strange interest in the background of the Dai Li. (What is this green pointy hat? WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?!)

This is on my top three favorite fanons list! (And the Dai Li moved up on my favorite Avatar group list!)

Yeah... SHiE is brilliant. I love everything about it so, yeah. XD

Advice for the Author

Well, I honestly have no advice that I could give that you don't already know, so here: keep up the writing and write moarrrrrrr! (Just kidding about the moarrrrrrr part... but I wouldn't mind some more SHiE! muhahaha... muha...) But jokes aside, please keep up the awesome work; I, and the community, love it, so please, continue onward!


Everyone, if you haven't read Silent Hero in Emerald yet, drop what you're doing and read it. You'll feel better as a writer and a fanon reader after reading it, if you haven't already. It's A-MAZE-ZING. Smiling Dai Li Sprite

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