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ByBray here, interviewing Kyoshidude about his fanon, Gods of War.

Gods of War is an enticing story about a young firebender, Fenn Miyakami, and his struggles and endeavors throughout the Republic. This new world, the Republic, is the product of over one hundred years of spiritual vacancy and technological advances, due to the eradication of the avatar cycle. After the untimely death of the last avatar, the world transitions into a state of utter depression; the very spirits that once watched over humanity have become malevolent and vengeful, and seek demons on humans. Thus, the story begins.

There have been three chapters published, as well as the prologue, all in “Book 1: The Republic”.

Question 1:
From the opening paragraph in Gods of War, the reader is thrown into an unknown, spiritually deprived world. What motivated you to write a story of this nature?

Well when 'Legend of Korra' came out I loved the modern setting. Suddenly I wanted to further that, and see what the Avatar world would be like in a futuristic setting. Also I wanted a story that seemed very dark and sombre and such a setting helped me make that type of story.

Question 2:
Why did you choose Gods of War as the title? What was your idea behind it?

Well I think the Republic and the demons are the "Gods of War" seeing as they are battling each other. But Fenn and other characters could also be the Gods because many characters are battling wars internally and emotionally.

Question 3:
Fenn Miyakami is the protagonist throughout Gods of War, and is a very pivotal character towards the storyline. Who was the inspiration behind Fenn?

Hmm. I'm not too sure. I just wanted a reserved character with a painful back story and constant struggle. Fenn just came from there.

Question 4:
Otto Tinchen is an eighteen year old airbender living on the streets of the Republic, with a personality quite opposite of the normality of airbenders. Is there significance in the friendship between Fenn and Otto?

Very much so. Otto is the first friend of Fenn's his age - which I think give's Fenn a breath of fresh air when all his life he has had to act like an adult.

Question 5:
Amidst the closing paragraphs of the second chapter, Fenn’s love interest is introduced. As the author, why did you choose to have Fenn become love struck by a woman of a higher class?

Interesting question. I just think them being financially opposite makes their relationship more dynamic - like a rich helping the poor sort of thing. Fenn is Colette's charity, which is a type of relationship I've never seen explored much and I wanted to explore it.

Question 6:
At the end of chapter two: “Otto”, the reader learns that Fenn chooses to leave behind his newfound friend, Otto Tinchen. Will these two reunite in the near future?

Yes. A very big yes.

Question 7:
In spite of recent events, Fenn begins to develop a strong relationship with Colette- the daughter of the Beyond chairman- which flourishes in chapter three: “The High Life”. Is there significance in Fenn falling in love with such an influential non-bender?

Hmm. Their relationship plays a big part in influencing the events of the story, so yes there is significance in that respect.

Question 8:
The end of the chapter “The High Life” left the reader with Fenn and Colette showing the true colors in their relationship. Will this play a large part in upcoming chapters?


Question 9:
Through the use of excellent character development techniques, the reader becomes close to the characters and their surroundings. In future chapters, do you plan on exposing even more groundbreaking plot twists, as well as more diverse locations?

Wow, thanks for those kind words! Yes, there will be more character development: meaning more secrets revealed and more plot twists screwing things up. As for new landscapes: Book 1 is called 'The Republic' so it's mostly set there but next chapter readers will venture with Fenn into the Green and readers can also expect to see one of the Republic's three Domains.

Question 10:
As a writer on the Avatar Wiki, you have a background on both Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra. This story is so much different than the latter, so how did you come up with such an unprecedented plot?

Well. Jtwin1 came up with his fanon 'Avatar: Neo Revolution' and told me about it. I got inspiration from his world he created (it being futuristic too) and so starting planning the setting, the characters and finally the plot. I wanted to see a world without an Avatar and the plot solidified from there.

Question 11:
You have implemented descriptions and references about the location “The Green” throughout the story. Will we learn more of this sacred land in approaching chapters?

In chapter 4 Fenn will go to the Green to learn more about demons. So you will learn a bit more. But more information about the Green comes in Book 2: The Green.

Just for Fun:

Question 12:
Since Gods of War deals largely with the implement of technology, what was your opinion on science and advancement in Republic City during The Legend of Korra?

At first I was a bit dubious. But I got into it. Of course, I don't want people to be too reliant on technology - which is what happens in my fanon.

Question 13:
If you could live the life of any character from Gods of War for one day, who would you want to be and why?

WOAH! Great and tough question. Readers haven't seen this person yet but I'd say Akira: she is a tribal girl from the Green. Why? I think living a simple life in such a futuristic world would be very humbling.

Question 14:
What advice do you have for aspiring authors on the Avatar Fanon Portal? What can writers do now, to help their creations in the future?

Aspiring authors, if you have an idea don't just go head on. Be sure about it. If it doesn't keep you up at night in deep thought then it is not a good idea. For present writers my best advice is don't write fast just to finish a chapter. Put care into it. If you're getting fed up and tired have a break so you can return to your world with a clear mind.

I recommend Gods of War to anyone who wants to fulfill their Avatar crave. From a phenomenal, innovative storyline, to extraordinary character development, Gods of War is not to be missed. This has been ByBray, fellow wikians. Thank you for your time!

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