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There's twists, there's turns, and there's guns. What's not to love?

ByBray here, interviewing Jacob13Kyle about his work, The Gunfighter.

The Gunfighter is different; it's something that caught my eye. I'm used to stories of the Gaang, and how they save the day; but this—this is something else. Take the Avatar universe in one hand, and a stranger from a separate universe in peril in the other, and what do you get? The Gunfighter, plain and simple.

Question 1:

The title... where did it come from?

When you get everything and get right down to the core of it, thats exactly what John Rider is. He's a gunfighter, someone who fights with guns.

Question 2:

Where did the idea for this story come from?

The idea came from a conversation I was having with a small group of friends around the time the first episode of Legend of Korra came out. We were sitting around, talking about what life must be like in the Avatar World with all of the new technology. Then someone asked the question: "If you could go there, what would you take?". It extended out and devoloped from there, turning into what you see now.

Question 3:

This definitely is something different; why did you create a universe jump in this story?

I needed some way to explain how the main character got his hands on something that didn't even seem to exist in the Avatar World. As I looked around, I found an answer in the form of The Dark Tower series. In the series, the main characters are able to move between worlds in the form of doorways. Then I looked back at the conversation I had and realized something: why don't I just send someone from our world? 

Question 4:

Escaping a war, and finding yet another one once in the Avatar realm... why so much war?

For all of its horrors and evils, war has been what drives humanity more then anything else. Many of our technologies and advancements are resulted from war. Chances are, at least one thing in your house is the result of a war somewhere in history. But I didn't add it as a means to support war, infact it was the total opposite. I wanted to show that its not glamorus or exciting or even fun, but that its Hell on Earth, and despite all that; sometimes it's nessissary.

Question 5:

A stranger falls into the Avatar world and can bend. Why?

John's father Liam actually explained this in the prequel. Benders exist not just in the Avatar World, but all worlds. In the story, our world has benders just like the Avatar world, but I set it up to look like a possible future that resembled if Amon achived his goals. Benders are hunted, imprisoned, and eventually struck down.

Question 6:

John Rider is a seemingly Christ-like figure sent to save the world. Is this what you planned it to appear to be?

Not even close! I wanted John to be someone who was caught up in a position he never wanted and never deserved. Someone who only went to the Avatar World to find peace, not start a war.

Question 7:

Are the Equalists fueling the war? Or merely a section of the possible revelation?

The Equalists are a single side in what is quickly becoming a three way war. The fact that they are the least advanced tech ways won't make a differince very soon.

Question 8:

The last chapter of Book 1 ended on a climactic, sad point. Why?

A lot of heros in stories are told as if they are tough, detached people who complealty ignore their surrowndings. I wanted John to be someone who was not only attached to the people around him, he also cared a lot about what happens to them. With that, I added the scene at the end of the battle where he stands amongst his fallen friends and allies and cries, thats what makes him human.

Just for Fun

Question 9:

If you could live the life of one character from the Avatar universe, who would it be and why?

I'd have to say Mako. I felt that out of all of the characters, I could connect with him better then any of the others. That and I've always loved firebending.

Question 10:

Who is your favorite character to write about in this story?

I actually have two characters I like to write about: John and Korra. The two of them go together so well that the possiblites are endless with what can happen. With them, I can focus on the action/adventure side of the story, and I can include more feeling related topics as well.

Question 11:

Do you have any advice for fellow authors in regard to writing fanons that may not be in the general public's eye?

Improve your writing and story quality as best as you can. Focus on your goals and not how many people are looking at your work. And above all else; maintain the hope that one day someone with enough attention from the public will like your story and bring attention to it.

Question 12:

What should readers look out for in upcoming chapters?

Action, a new bending element, plot twists, and what story would be complete without some form of a love triangle?

Questions for the Interviewer:

If you could bend one of the elements present in the story which would it be? Air, Water, Earth, Fire, or Matter?

Air! I love air, and the peacefulness it comes with. In a time of war, I would find inner peace as a valuable aspect. Although, matter bending would be pretty freakin' sick!

Having read the story, which character would you like to be?

Tenzin; mainly because he's an airbender, and he's one of my favorite characters in the Avatar universe. That, and he is able to maintain a peaceful inner focus despite the war. But, I really admire John Rider for the character he is!

The Gunfighter is original, and I love it. There is a certain element about it... Uncertainty, maybe? Regardless, it makes the story all that more enjoyable. If you love reading original stories, you need to give this one a look!

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