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Okay, so I'm not Swedish, but it's ByBray here, interviewing Kyoshidude about his series, My Imago.

Kyoshidude's series, My Imago, shows us the truth behind Lo and Li, and the way they have become the people they are today. From descriptive words to multiple metaphors, My Imago is a complex fanon; by that, I mean that it provokes deep thought, not that it's too much to comprehend. For being able to write so very eloquently, I applaud the author.

Question 1:

Why did you choose My Imago as the title?

Imago means a perception of love or of a loved one that remains unchanged over time. It fits the fanon so directly, I couldn't not choose it.

Question 2:

Lo and Li - why? Is there a reason to have chosen these less pivotal characters for your focus?

I loved them in A:TLA. I'm not sure why I chose them, though. Perhaps I wanted to know more of them? I wanted them to be deeper characters? Or maybe it's the fact that I'm a twin? I'm not really sure. I just wanted to write something complex. And I wanted to try my self out with one-shot writing.

Question 3:

From the homepage, I can already tell you enjoy complexity. Where did you pull your motifs from?

Hmm. Not too sure. They all kind of came to me as I was thinking "what makes Ember Island so special." I also thought what parts of nature resonate with me. I suppose it comes from literature, religion and spirituality: though I myself am atheist.

Question 4:

In nearly each one-shot, I noticed water; the ocean, the brook, and the like. What is the significance in these elements?

It's really open to interpretation. I spent a lot of my youth at the beach or around water, so it's always had a special place in my heart. The ocean covers most of the world, provides us with a way of energy, and keeps us alive - it makes up most of our body! It was only natural that I give it powerful symbolism and draw similarities of it to God and religion.

Question 5:

The history behind Lo and Li allowed for a new found respect for them both. Where did you pull inspiration from their back story? And if you created it yourself, why did you have their mother neglect them?

At that time I was reading a novel called 'Meifesto' which really inspired the writing style - something I never had done before but will continue to do in the future. As for what inspired the story? I don't know - I'm sure somethings did subconsciously. The only things that I can sort of say inspired me was probably my own life, maybe 'Romulus, My Father' and the Avatar series of course!

Question 6:

The letter perspective was an interesting twist and a creative inclusion. How was it important to the overall series?

The series is a collection of oneshots, so each chapter had to be from someone different. So I suppose Hozon fills that. I used the letter style because I thought it'd be fun writing in a formal, succinct tone. It was a breath of fresh air to write, as opposed to the usual thrid-person, past tense stuff I do all the time.

Question 7:

Seafarer was one of my favorites; the dialogue made it seem realistic. Why did you have Lo and Li's mother undergo such a surreal state of turmoil?

I loved writing 'Seafarer!' Turmoil was included because a good story needs conflict. And I thought it would be the normal process of a fire nation citizen destroyed by the 100 year war. The fact that water is the polar opposite of fire and that the mother, a fire nation citizen, is so entranced by the water holds some signifance in terms of harmony and war.

Question 8:

The imagery was phenomenal, and it was definitely for higher level thought processes when it came to understanding the symbolism. Where did you learn to write so eloquently?

WOAH! Thanks! Again, I'm not entirely sure. (I'm not sure about most things - skepticism!) I have loved writing ever since I was young, so maybe it's developed from an early age. But 'Meifisto' definietly sculpted my style quickly - and Haruki Mirukami's 'Kafka on the Shore.' They taught me well.

Just for Fun

Question 9:

Do you think Lo and Li should have been investigated further in A:TLA?

I would have liked it. But it would have cut down time for the main characters to develop.

Question 10:

How have both Avatar:The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra influenced your writing?

Well, I'm writing Avatar fanon, so I'd say quite a bit, HAHA! Nah, their landscapes, imagery and spirituality have inspired stuff in my writing, and the way the characters develop is also great - subtlty is key! A:TLA was the first show I fell in love with, it will always inspire me.

Question 11:

If you could be one character from Avatar: The Last Airbender for a day, who would you be and why?

Oh! I'd have to say that monkey in the spirit world, because he gets to live in the Spirt World and he looks like that baboon from the Lion King! Haha. Love that movie....

My Imago is a fanon that hold its own; the description captivates you, and the delicate story entices you. The author crafts a small world in which you can gaze into the eyes of Lo and Li. If you are looking for a deep, complex fanon, then this one's for you. Until next time, this has been ByBray everyone!

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