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Why hello, fanon fans!

ByBray here, interviewing TechFilmer about his one-shot, Bolin's Lost Thoughts.

This is my first interview of a one-shot, so expect some spur of the moment questions. Regardless, back to the interview!

TechFilmer's one-shot, Bolin's Lost Thoughts, delves into the mind of Bolin: the random, loving persona we all know from The Legend of Korra. In his fanon, TechFilmer utilizes a third-person, seemingly omniscient view on Bolin's memories and future, giving the reader an insight on the back story of Bolin.

Question 1:

A cliché question, but why did you choose Bolin's Lost Thoughts as the title?

The one-shot delved into the thoughts of Bolin and IMO LoK didn't show us his thoughts and feeling very well and the thoughts were "lost" thus Bolin's Lost Thoughts.

Question 2:

Why did you choose Bolin as the sole focus of this one-shot?

Bolin is my favorite character in LoK, and I wanted to try one-shots out so I did it like this.

Question 3:

What caused you to write this one-shot?

Well a while back (July, August? IDK when) I read Helping One Another and I LOVED it. It basically is another EoL. After reading it I was inspired and I wrote this, however I had wanted it to be a full blown series. But reality struck me and I turned Chapter 1 into a one shot.

Question 4:

One-shots are typically longer, stand-alone stories. Why did you choose to keep this fanon a short installment?

I actually ran out of ideas, plus I felt that that length was a perfect length for it.

Question 5:

The first half of the one-shot testifies the death of Bolin's parents. Why did you choose to have Bolin injure his parents?

Spur of the moment really. In retrospect Mako would've been the better choice, maybe that's why he who he is.

Question 6:

Based off of your writing, do you think this is the way Bolin and Mako's parents died?

While Bryke probably won't do that I think that it could be possible.

Question 7:

Why did you decide to have Bolin feel this inner turmoil?

We know how Bolin is cheerful, happy, and a ladies man. But why is he like that, I asked myself. I thought what if he was depressed, and Mako cheered him up. While it may not work, it is quite possible that in order to get over that depression he had to cheer himself up.

Question 8:

In the end, Bolin and Mako are introduced to pro-bending. Do you think this turned their lives around instantly?

Probably not. As is anything it takes time to learn.

Just for Fun

Question 9:

What was your opinion on pro-bending in The Legend of Korra?

I like it, it could have been better, but I think it is nice.

Question 10:

How does Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra influence your writing?

Very much so, esp. A:TLA. The spirituality in A:TLA and the philosophy in A:TLA has really driven me.

Question 11:

If you could be one character from The Legend of Korra for a day, who would you be and why?

Well let's see, I wrote an entire one-shot about Bolin, I think I'll side with Bolin :D

Question for the interviewer:

If I were to write another one of these, should I do it when Ozai lost his bending or when Roku was betrayed by Sozin?

Another question to the interviewer? I like it! I should make this a part of all of my interviews. Anyway, to answer the question: Roku being betrayed by Sozin would generate more emotion and allow more background references. But, you're the writer! Do what you want, not just based off of my opinion. Be creative with it!

Bolin's Lost Thoughts is an interesting take on Bolin's memories, and the way he came to know pro-bending. If you enjoy reading about the esteemed bending brothers, this is a fanon you should check out. Until next time, this has been ByBray everyone!

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