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Good day, fellow wikians!

ByBray here, interviewing Jtwin1 about his fanon, Avatar: Neo Revolution.

Avatar: Neo Revolution throws the reader into a time full of doubt and conspiracy, nearly four generations after the passing of Avatar Korra. The world as we knew it has begun to morph; the Avatar is no longer a title that is esteemed - you just might be hunted for it. Indeed, being the Avatar can be considered lethal in times as these, exampled by the death of the last Avatar, after nearly being drained of her cosmic energy. Lynn was her name, and due to the cycle, was that of an Air Nomad. Just as the elemental circuit predicts, the next Avatar in succession will be born into the Water Tribes; can the new Avatar save the world from the veil of darkness? Before that can be answered, there is a major dilemma: just who exactly is the Avatar?

There have been five chapters published, including the prologue, all in “Book One: Water”.

Question 1:

The world surrounding this story is a dark, mysterious realm of unknowns; how did you come up with the setting for the plot?

Argh, I hate answering these questions because I always think the answer isn't very 'friendly' with the younger/more sensitive audiences and it makes me seem like a total douchebag. Basically, I was high with my buddies with one wacky thought leading to another and we eventually created this strange, wonderful, deeply interesting (to us at least) world. LoK had aired a few episodes so we were pretty hyped up about Avatar and I took this world away and moudled a story into it, and that's where my fanon brewed. Even now when I get... in a similar state... my mind wanders back to that lovely, though sometimes unsettling, world that I just love. See, douchebagery right there!

Question 2:

Why did you choose Avatar: Neo Revolution as the title? What was your original reasoning?

I absolutely HATE the title. It was a spur of the moment thing just so I could put my first few chapters up on the wiki. All it means really is; Neo = new/futuristic; Revolution = a reflection on the social, political and economic upheaval that the world has experienced (and maybe will experience yet again!).

Question 3:

Being that they are crucial parts to the story, why are their two potential Avatars?

A lot of the first book has to do with ambiguity. We are thrust into this totally new world, vastly unlike anything we've become familiar with in A:TLA or LoK (well, Republic city is familiar I guess), different altogether in climate, geography, population, technology etc ETC! We have a mysterious gang of evil-doers; it felt natural that the Avatar was also ambiguous, i.e. us not knowing who it is. I also feel like nothing like it has ever been done. There's been Avatar frauds, two twin Avatars, no Avatar at all - but never two possible Avatars and no way of them really deciphering that mystery (unless one earthbends). Not to toot my own horn, but I think it's unique in that respect.

Question 4:

There was one key aspect of the story I kept noticing: the descriptions. How did you learn to make this dark, unorthodox world seem so real at the same time?

ByBray... wow... that is such a big compliment, thank you! We've got this world that, aforementioned, is completely new that I was so worried it wouldn't have a trace of believability. I've also recieved some (constructive ^_^ ) criticism that the descriptions detract from the flow of the story so, again, thanks for that. 

I've always felt that deep descriptions of places, senses and emotions really enrich a story. The only way to make this new world seem real and likely was to clearly describe it. By painting a picture in the readers mind it doesn't really matter whether the world is unorthodox (as you've guite eloquently put it) or (as it happens in my fanon) that the characters' physicalities aren't as described as much. The main character could be flying lemur and, if i described the world and everything with detail, the story would still seem real.

I know I haven't really answered this question, but I feel I would be tooting my own horn if I did say anything more... Dont liek dem tootz...

Question 5:

The Clandestines were only mentioned, and hardly seen. Will they have reoccurring roles throughout the plot line?

Oh my yes, they will indeed. After planning to really delve into them in the end of Book One and then more in Book Two, I felt like their presence wasn't really felt early on - and I needed that to make them seem more of an ongoing threat. So yes, we'll see a recurring Clandestine character around the early middle (?) of Book One (and maybe later if I fall in love with her [yes, a her! ohmygod spoilers!! {I kid, I kid...}]).

Question 6:

You have a pool of main characters that are present in the first five chapters; what is the significance of the new formed 'group'?

Hm, yes, a cesspool of characters, bubbling and brewing... The group is the group. They are significant because they are the main characters of the story now. I don't know what else to say, sorry! As with all Avatar-groups, there will be later additions and tensions and whatnot.

Minor characters will also have more of a part to play later on - I just love minor characters! - so keep an eye out for which ones you think will make a return!

Question 7:

As with all futuristic topics, dark themes are sure to follow. Why did you create a world with violent tendencies for the setting of the writing?

I made the world so dark because I really wanted there to be a sense of desperation that the Avatar would have to deal with. The world has changed so much, and is now in disarray that all that remains is dust (literally, see the Wasteland). Violence and horrific imagery is probably the worst it'll get. I could have involved sexuality and swearing but I felt like it would have seemed overpowering and unnecessary. These characters aren't kids, and they're in a cruel world so we'll see what the future holds for them; they certainly will be shocked when they see the world is vastly different from the sheltered orphanage the grew up in.

Question 8:

Where did you pull your inspirations from?

Well, like I said before, a lot of the world comes from high-jinks (awful pun) with my buddies, but I'd be lying if I didn't say a lot of other themes, settings etc came from Fullmetal Alchemist and the wonderful film Steamboy. The setting in Chapter 1 is also based off the moors in Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre - also the writing style. Love it :)

Question 9:

Why is the Avatar such a targeted suspect? And, more importantly, why is the Avatar hated?

The Avatar is not hated, I'd like to get that off the bat. The Clandestines target the Avatar because, being the manifestation of the earth and all that is holy, it is the only real obstacle for them. That's why their main goal is to destroy the Avatar whilst in the Avatar State (hence Lyn's little bottle of pills... see, the Prologue) so it is gone once and for all. 

A lot of waterbending children were ditched by their parents (hence the abandoned protagonists at Mother Leliita's door) because they couldn't stand the idea of their children being taken from them and killed by the Clandestines. Lots of crooks and criminals feel they can capture the Avatar and sell them to the Clandestines or other like-minded organisations for a profit.

Question 10:

Being an Avatar Wiki fanon writer, you have an understanding of both Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra. How did these two shows influence your writing?

A:TLA really taught me that characters are key. If you can't love them, root for them, or love to hate them the story may as well not exist. A:TLA taught me to treat my characters as intricate machines with little cogs and gears, motivations, desires, behaviours, that change with each experience. LoK inspired the setting of the future really, and the awesome action scenes were also inspiring!

Question 11:

Why did you implement Anurna into the story, and can she be trusted?

Anurna is a main character; she is a crucial element of the story. With the fanon's overall ambiguity, no one can really be trusted as of yet. You decide if you can trust her or not. :)

Just for Fun:

Question 12:

Similar to Gods of War, Avatar: Neo Revolution takes place after the death of Avatar Korra. In your opinion, was the increase in technology throughout The Legend of Korra a positive for the story itself?

Yes, I do. Technology in LoK seemed to advance at an exponential rate, allowing concepts in my fanon to seem plausible - so it really did help my story. As for the LoK plot, I suppose the technology added a few wow moments (e.g. plane fight) and some interesting ideas (e.g. power plant powered by lightning benders) but apart from that it didn't add too much to the story. But, then again, technology wasn't the main idea in LoK. It was like, 'This is the story, and there's also some cool new technology!"

Also, without the speed boat and ele-glove, that final dramatic Amon scene wouldn't have happened!

Question 13:

If you could live the life of any character from Avatar: Neo Revolution for one day, who would you want to be and why?

Ooh, that's a doozie! I honestly don't know. I'd like to be a waterbender but the Avatar duties seem too harsh for me, especially in this story. So, maybe, Galen from my latest chapter (Chapter Four: The Northern Healers) because he's always so cheery about everything. Or Miko, the squirrel-glider, because he can fly!

Question 14:

This fanon is extremely underrated, and deserves more fans and response in the community. What motivates you to keep writing despite these issues?

First of all, a-thank you, great to hear. And secondly, what keeps me motivated is, apart from actually enjoying writing the story, the idea that the more chapters I release, the more reviews/interviews I can get, the more responses I will (hopefully) receive! So, everyone, READ!


Who do you think is the Avatar; Dover or Sedgley?

P.S. Thanks :D

Wha- a question to the interviewer?! I like the way you think! Hmm... I find myself teetering on this one, because at various points I would think, "Oh, Dover's the Avatar, I know it." But then, he'd do something that would change my mind, and my opinion would switch to Sedgley. To avoid writing a long, drawn out analytical essay, I'll say this: I went with Dover in the beginning, and I stick with him now.

Please, give Avatar: Neo Revolution a read. Jtwin1 puts a large amount of effort into his writing, and with that devotion comes an awesome story. For anyone who enjoys futuristic reads, or just a more complex read in general, then this one is for you! This has been Bray; thank you for your time!

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