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Don't go into the light. It will be your last mistake. But not reading Avatar: Into the Light would be an even bigger one. Eyes up all: this one isn't to be missed.

ByBray here, interviewing Agent Slash about his work, Avatar: Into the Light.

Going through and reading this story really made me understand the stature of Team Avatar. In the Slash Trilogy, the Gaang and Suki are written about and understood, so Avatar: Into the Light shows readers the bonds between Team Avatar and the ups and downs it comes with. From the memories it brings back, to sitting on the edge of your seat, this fanon is great. Honestly, I couldn't read the chapters fast enough. This is definitely not one to miss out on.

Question 1:

There is a life-like realism in your writing that I noticed as I read your chapters. How do you give your readers that essence of realism?

Well, I try my best to make the characters' conversations sound real and to make sure that they still sound like those characters. Ling, for example, has always been the most realistic in my opinion, because of the way he feels about everything in general.

Question 2:

Okay, I need to know, where did the idea of lightbenders come from?

Well, in the first Slash Trilogy fanon, the character known as Jun was a Darkbender and the way he was defeated was by Aang learning Lightbending. Right after I wrote the series finale for TAoTA, I decided on bringing back the Lightbending concept and expanding on it some more. Also, I thought it would be cool to introduce these cool new styles of bending.

Question 3:

The opening scene is that of Aang and Katara's wedding. Why did you choose this moment in time to start the story?

Well, I was going to show them getting married at some point and I had thought about different ways to start off the story. That one was my favorite so I decided to go with it.

Question 4:

The turmoil with Aang begins early on in the story. Why have a peace-keeper become the public enemy?

I wouldn't call him a public enemy yet. The amount of people who dislike him is smaller than the number of people who still believe in him. Mayor Qian has his own reasons for hating Aang other than what we have heard from him so far, but that is to be revealed later.

Question 5:

I found so many references to A:TLA and LoK throughout the fanon. Why did you choose to include these?

Well, I do like to make references. It's just something that I find fun to do and I like it when T.V. shows or books do that, too, because I always get kind of excited when I hear and get the reference.

Question 6:

As the story progresses, you see Zuko start to enter a depressed-like state. Other than just Mai leaving him, why is this?

Well, Mai leaving him really took a toll on him. In "Love and Secrets" he elaborates on this a little more. Plus being the Fire Lord adds some stress. Don't worry, though, he won't be like this for very long. I honestly don't completely like writing Zuko this way, because he is a strong character and I don't want to have him focused on this all of the time.

Question 7:

"The Return of Hong Shu" left the reader with many cliffhangers. For example, why did Suki hide how Ty Lee died?

She never told the other warriors how it happened, because she didn't have the heart. The two of them had a sisterly bond and it was too painful to talk about. Plus the fact that it happened on her watch wasn't exactly easy to bring up.

Question 8:

Having Kyoshi whisper to Suki was a creative plot device. How did you come up with it?

I had to assure the audience that Hong Wu could only take over one body and could not do it again. I figured having Suki's ancestor whisper it to her was the best way to do it since none of the other Kyoshi Warriors would know.

Question 9:

Ling suddenly wants back into the group, much to Rong's disapproval. What prophecy was he mumbling about?

The prophecy constantly referred to in Suki's Story, this story, and Avatar: The Assassin's Legend which states that a warrior of light will arise to wreak havoc on the four nations.

Question 10:

Towards the end of the currently published chapters, things really start heating up. Can readers expect more cliffhangers in the future?

Oh, definitely. I often love leaving cliffhangers at the end of chapters and there will be much more suspense; expecially with the book 1 finale coming up.

Just for Fun

Question 11:

If you had to live the life of one character in Avatar: Into the Light for a day, who would it be and why?

Probably either Aang or Sokka. It would be cool to be the Avatar and an Airbender. Also being Sokka means you get to crack jokes and make sarcastic comments all of the time while still being an epic swordsman.

Question 12:

Who is your favorite character to write about in this story?

That's always a tough question for me to answer, because I can never choose just one. I enjoy writing for most of Team Avatar a lot and I also like writing for other characters such as Hong Shu, Mayor Qian, Ju, Raijin, and based on what I have finished of part one of the book one finale so far, Bai Lung is also very fun to write.

Question 13:

What writing tips do you have for rising fanon authors?

Don't start a story and then decide to take a four-month-long break. XD But, seriously, if you want your story to be good then don't rush it. If you rush each chapter, excited to finish your story, then yes you'll have finished it and it may be good, but if you take your time and carefully plot everything out, then it will turn out great. Also make sure the story is fun to write, because if you pick something you aren't that invested in, then it won't be any fun.

Avatar: Into the Light is wonderfully written, and should be read by anyone who likes to have the good ole "feelies", so to speak. Until next time, this has been ByBray everyone!

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