Hey everyone, thanks for filling out the answers to by first blog. This blog will explain how TVTropes was wrong. Please bare with me here. Please read before commenting. This blog states how Avatar is clean.

To know what I am talking about view my previous blog here

Book 3: Fire

The Beach

Sex message The message that apparently says "SEX" in the clouds was either somebody's imagination or a coincidence. However there is many reports from other television shows of the word "SEX" hidden within clouds.

Aang is a bad boy This was apparently a mistake from the artists. This can be found elsewhere on this wiki.

Fun by yourself Apparently this was some body on TVtropes that took it out of context. The beach god meant "Loser boy" was "Nicccee" and not "Have fun by yourself".

Nightmares and Daydreams

Zuko's and Mai's off screen sex This really can't be proven one way or another. For all we know Zuko could of went home and came back the next morning. Although Mai and Zuko's relationship is more physical than others though.

Fruit tarts are a key to sex
Yeah... no it isn't. But wine is.

Royal part showing! This is definitely what they meant and nobody could convince me otherwise. This wasn't really subliminal anyways, and isn't that bad.

The Day of Black Sun

Sokka's attraction towards Azula I rewatched the episode and Sokka was watching Azula's whole body fly by not just her chest. Although what is so bad about slight attraction anyways?

The Southern Raiders

Another off screen sex Like Zuko and Mai, this can't really be proved or disproved. But they could of just made out or whatever. But who really cares?

Sozin's Comet

Secret Thing
The secret thing with Haru very much should of been secret thing for Haru but it wasn't. It seemed to me as more of a pitch to the fans who believed Katara had a crush on Haru. But then again Meng called Katara a floozie which AKA means prostitute. So who knows? lol just kidding.

A Gay Message The word "GAY" can be found here. I'm not totally convinced that it is meant to be there but who knows. Some say that they see the Yin and Yang symbol in it. So who knows.

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