Hello, I am Buttongoo, brother of Lego lord and Metalarmor. I edited once or twice using another account, but it's now inactive. Let's cut to the chase, sites like "" state that Avatar: The Last Airbender is filled with subliminal messages throughout the series.

Supposedly Avatar gets all sorts of "crap passed the radar": But I'll like you to decide on that one. I'll appreciate comments because this is a subject that troubles me.

Book 3: Fire

The Beach

Sex message

  • "When Azula is with her date outside before they start telling stupid jokes about sand, there is a cloud that supposedly has the word sex in it". I found this one on YouTube. This one isn't anything special and is hard to see. The cloud starts above next to the first torch and ends after the second torch.

Aang is a bad boy

  • Apparently somewhere in this episode Aang touches Katara in a "off limits" zone. I haven't found this one though, I actually learned about this from this wiki.

Fun by yourself

  • Zuko argues with his girlfriend and leaves the party they were in. One of guys shouts "Have fun by yourself, loser boy" and the other guy replies with "nice" complimenting him on his mock.
People believe that the guy complimented on "Have fun by yourself" rather than "loser boy". For this supposed subliminal message, a more efficient term would be "Have fun with yourself". . . I'm not going to get into details of what that phrase means, it is not appropriate, most guys on here should know though. Girls, you don't want to know...

Nightmares and Daydreams

Zuko's and Mai's off screen sex

  • "Keep in mind Mai has an entire house to herself (the website states her family is still in Omashu), and Zuko got rid of the chaperones earlier in the episode. At one point, the camera cuts away while they're together at Mai's house late at night. When the show returns to their side of the story the next morning, Zuko is still there, lounging on her couch, that is in her bedroom, with a badly messed up head of hair while she's making him tea." Do you think off screen sex supposed to occur?

Fruit tarts are a key to sex

  • "The fruit tart double take: the first time it's mentioned, it's used to send the servants away...The second time Zuko is depressed and Mai suggests they order a fruit tart to cheer him up. After the first time the supposed sex occurred." Honestly I'm stumped here, I'm not really bothered whether or not an implied sex scene occurred.

Royal part showing!

  • "Aang: Your days of tyranny are over, Fire Lord!

Ozai: Really? You're gonna take me out? You're not even wearing pants! Aang: No, Fire Lord Ozai, you're not wearing pants! Ozai: NOOOOO! My royal part are showing!" This is obviously implied, but he was referring to his male parts, which is kind of odd... what do you think? Also I found a grammar mistake, the Fire Lord actually says "royal part are" rather than "royal parts are" or "royal part is".

The Day of Black Sun

Sokka attraction towards Azula

  • Any Avatar fan should remember this; "Azula leaps through a crevice while Sokka is still crawling through it. It's pretty obvious what his eyes are focused on as her breast passes a few inches above his face. In slow motion. (Given Azula's expression at the time, people like to think Azula set that up to screw with Sokka's head.)" Apparently Sokka stares at Azula's breast... I myself disagree, as it seems he was shocked and he stared at her whole body, although Azula's face expression does say something else...

The Southern Raiders

Another off screen sex

  • "Zuko bumps into a very flustered Suki on the way to Sokka's tent, and she hurriedly excuses herself. He walks into Sokka's tent to ask him a question and finds him pants-less and surrounded by flowers and candles. He even greets Zuko with a suggestive "Well helloooo..." before he realizes who it is. After a short talk, he rushes Zuko out and sticks his head out to call for Suki. And if there was any doubt, Sokka is shown the next morning fiddling with a flower necklace for no apparent reason..." Apparently Sokka and Suki were about to be engaged in sexual activity with each other. Which is hard to disagree on.

Sozin's Comet

Secret thing

  • "Katara: I have a surprise for everyone!

Toph: I knew it! You did have a secret thing with Haru!" people believe that secret thing is a reference to sexual activity, I thought Toph meant she liked him... however Toph says "secret thing with" not "secret thing for".

A gay message

Book 2: Earth

Bitter Work

Nuts in a bag

  • "Aang has to learn how to stand up to things like an Earthbender. Toph ends up going through his things and stealing his bag of nuts and his staff, which she uses to crack the nuts... that's right nuts... in a bag... with a staff. He also does not get his staff back until he mans up to Toph. Nuts do define a man, and after he was "no man" in Toph's eyes (or feet lol) she took his nuts away..." I don't know about this one... could be true...

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