This is a blog stating my speculations for a sequel to The Last Airbender if green-lit and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.


I am quite positive that M. Night will try harder to make the film better than the first although it would probably still remain a mess but less messy than the first. It would probably gain less than the previous film, grossing wise as well. The speculation of merging of Ty Lee and Mai is propaganda and is unlikely.
My best guess is that M. Night would continue his view of how the Avatar can not hurt people. The main focus would be Aang trying to gain control of the Avatar State and learn earth bending from Toph.

Plot Speculation

The Avatar State

Team Avatar

Aang and his friends would arrive before General Fong after winning the battle at the North Pole. General Fong wishes to use the power of the Avatar State to win the war against the Fire Nation. Aang agrees to the plan but is unable to trigger the state. General Fong then puts Aang into mortal danger and threatens Katara. The trick triggers the Avatar State and brings Aang into the Spirit World where he meets up with the Dragon Spirit. The Dragon Spirit tells Aang that he can not harm others with his great power and that he must learn the bending styles in order, with Earth being next, he also states that Aang must visit the spirit library to learn about his future. A vision of Toph then starts to run around in the Spirit World as Aang chases it. Aang snaps out of the Avatar State and heads more into the Earth Kingdom in search for Toph.

Fire Nation

Zuko and Iroh notice a great deal of wanted posters of themselves being posted across the Fire Nation, Zuko and Iroh then disguise themselves as Earth Nation to avoid the wrath of Ozai.
In the mean time Azula and her friends Ty Lee and Mai are in hot pursuit of the Avatar and follow them by the fur trail that was left by Appa.

The Warriors of Kyoshi

In search for Toph, the gang stops at an Earth Kingdom village of Kyoshi guarded by the Kyoshi Warriors. Kyoshi welcomes the gang, Sokka is then trained by Suki which he ends up finding a love interest in.
Fire Nation attack the village, The Kyoshi Warriors drive them off with the help of Team Avatar. After that the Kyoshi Warriors agree to help out in the war as they leave Kyoshi, Team Avatar goes separate ways.

The Blind Bandit

The gang decides to relax and they watch Earth Rumble VI. There Aang sees Toph, whom he remembered from his vision. Aang offers to take up the competition and wins against Toph by using air bending. Toph runs off. Aang ends up finding her, within a badger mole cave, which elements from The Cave of Two Lovers would be inserted. Toph is an orphan who is alone, she agrees to help Aang earth bend.

Bitter Work

Much like the Waterbending Scroll, Bitter Work would be shown for a pathetically short amount of time.

The Library

Wanting to know more about the Fire Nation, Aang leads the gang on Appa through the desert in search for the Great Library. They enter inside and meet up with Won Shi Tong who no longer studies about humans because they are considered to be uncivilized. After venturing through the library Sokka and Aang come across the planetarium, which they spin the dial and learn about Sozin's Comet, they study about it in a scroll and they learn that they must attack the fire nation before that day. Won Shi Tong hears about war and begins to sink the library. With little time to escape, the Gang manages to take an Earthbending scroll and leave the library only to find Appa unharmed.

City of Walls and Secrets

Team Avatar

The Gang wishes to send word about the upcoming Comet to the Earth King but the sinister Long Feng and his Dai Li agents prohibit it as they have been lying to the Earth King that the war had ended many years ago.


Zuko and Iroh end up living peacefully within the walls as tea shop keepers.

Appa's Lost Days

Appa would not get lost by my speculation but Azula would run into the Kyoshi Warriors and would take them prisoners and disguise themselves as Kyoshi Warriors.

The Earth King

Frustrated with Long Feng, the Gang ride on Appa and head towards the Earth King's palace to find themselves an ambush against them. Team Avatar enter within the palace and meet up with the Earth King. The Earth King does not believe in the war until Aang reveals himself to him as the Avatar. Long Feng is then arrested for lying. Although the Dai Li remain loyal to him.

The Guru and The Crossroads of Destiny

The Kyoshi Warriors (actually Ozai's Angels in disguises) are welcomed to Ba Sing Se with high honor. Team Avatar plan an attack on the Fire Nation. Katara enters the tea shop to find Zuko and Iroh. She hurries back to the palace and is then arrested by the Kyoshi Warriors. Toph and Sokka are also arrested and are put into a different prison hold alongside the king. The Dai Li are then commanded by Azula and they take Zuko captive and send him to the Crystal Catacombs with Katara. Toph reveals herself to be a metal bender as she escapes the prison.
Iroh helps Aang find his friends within the Crystal Catacombs. Long Feng is then betrayed by the Dai Li and Azula has full command over the Palace. Azula then lures Zuko into becoming evil again and he then betrays Iroh. Aang then meditates and enters the spirit world to find himself with the Dragon Spirit. The Dragon Spirit tells him that he must let Katara go. Aang then enters the Avatar State and Azula then shoots Aang in the back which lets Aang fall to his doom. Katara rescues Aang and learns she has healing abilities as she revives Aang. Zuko and Azula then gain full control of the Earth Kingdom.

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