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Komodo Dragons

I created a page called "Film:Komodo Dragon" because there were oversized Komodo Dragons in the film. They replaced the Komodo Rhinos, don't believe click here, skip ahead to 0:20 =
Vulmen deleted it after Hasdi stated that it was a cheapshot... what is that suppose to mean? He stated it didn't exsist, where anyone who watched the movie would notice them.... elsewhere on the wiki even mentioned them....
I was trying to help the wiki because I noticed that the page didn't exsist, yet an admin deleted it because it was a cheapshot... mhmm... define cheap shot.
Now as for lack of content, I stated it was a stub and I need help. I don't upload pictures because of the stupid license thing. Now as for source-less... well, like I said it was a stub.
What do you think?

The poll was created at 04:37 on July 5, 2011, and so far 4 people voted.

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